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Pattern Mart

A favorite Sewing crafting tip...

Before placing your first machine stitch for a project, practice with scrap pieces from the project (include batting if you're using batting) to determine if the tension is correct for the layers and fabrics you will be using. This takes only a few minutes compared to the tremendous amount of time it takes to rip out seams that are too tight or too loose.

This crafty tip was shared by: Pattern Mart A favorite tip from one of the great sites in the Wholesale category...

When selecting a photo to use for photo jewelry making choose a clear, close up photo and crop away all unneeded areas so that the most important object or person will be clearly identifiable on the small jewelry surface.

This crafty tip was shared by: Photo Jewelry Making Supplies

Cooper Sewing Machines

A favorite from the Sewing Machines category...

One of the main reasons people complain about tension is simply putting in the needle the wrong way round! The standard domestic machine has a flat sided needle and the code for the correct needle is 705h. The needle has a flat and rounded top. For a machine to work correctly a needle must be put into a sewing machine the right way round. PLEASE REMEMBER FLAT TO THE BACK!

This crafty sewing tip was shared by: Cooper Sewing Machines A favorite tip from one of the great sites in the Cards & Stationery category...

When making your own cards and invitations, take your unfinished invitations to a local printing shop to have them cut to size. This will give your cards a finished, professional-looking edge at a great price; plus it will save you a lot of time and effort over cutting them yourself.

This crafty tip was shared by: Do it Yourself Invitations

Cake Decorating Tip A favorite Cake Decorating tip...

When baking, make sure your cakes are in the centre of the oven. If they are at the back of your oven or are placed on different racks, they may bake unevenly!

This crafty tip was shared by: MakeBake Cake Decoration Supplies

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