Altered Art

Combine the techniques of collage, scrapbooking, drawing and painting and you begin to get an idea of what altered art can be.

It's one of many forms of mixed media art and is one of the hottest trends in the world of arts and crafts. Altered art generally combines several existing creative works into something new and unexpected. Where it gets really fun is when two dimensional works are blended with three dimensional works or a common object, like a book, gets transformed into a sculpture.

What makes it even more fun is with so many scrapbooking materials, public domain image resources and mixed media art sites there's a wealth of inspiration and altered art tips to be found across the Internet.

Transforming book pages, decorating metal tins, and almost anything else these artists can find leads to the creation of some of the most unique and interesting forms of art being produced today. Explore their creations and learn new techniques by visiting the sites listed here.

Many of the techniques used by altered artists are similar to those used by artisans who would also be interested in the  Cards & Stationery, Collage & Decoupage, Digital Art for Crafters, Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking categories.

All the website owners have included their favorite altered art tips .

The Altered Book

Learn all about the creation of altered book art. Take an unused book from your collection, add a bit of creativity and you will soon be hooked on this no-rules style art form. Learn about glues and adhesives, paints, and techniques to begin creating your own altered books.

Paper Craft Glue Selection Tip
Glue and adhesive selection should be undertaken with care. Most altered book artists will use a number of different glues depending upon the items being adhered to each other. There really is no one right answer as to the perfect glue but do make sure the products you are using are acid free and provide long-term results. Always read the product instructions on ventilation requirements, drying time, and approved materials prior to using any glue or adhesive product with your art.
Pages From The Heart

An ornamental gift, made with real books saved from the recycling, in the form of an old book, left open at a much loved page, hand painted and decorated. A gift of poetry and images, unique often sentimental designs, with messages that cheer the heart and warm the soul. Our gift books can recapture a precious memory, or commemorate one of life’s special moments. They can be personalized or fully customized by using your own poetry and images and small items of memorabilia.

Paper Aging Tip
Giving paper an aged appearance can be achieved by the application of used tea bags, wet the tea bags and then dab them over the paper. Wrinkle the paper up, screw it up, (carefully though) then stretch it back and let it dry. If it is too wrinkled and you wish it to pass through a printer you can iron it a little between sheets if damp paper or inside a folded pillow case. I have used this method fairly often and it works wonderfully.Don't dip it in the cold tea mixture just dab one side only with a tea bag ( put the tea bag in hot water) and keep layering until you get the look you want. To add age spots used coffee grounds can be dabbed on randomly left to dry then brushed away.
Create More Light with Jenndalyn Art

In September 2012, I quit my miserable 9-5 desk job with a nest egg the size of a caviar... in order to pursue an art career full-time. So far it has been anything but easy but completely amazing. My blog is about my journey, my art, and the things that inspire me.

Crafting Tip
Do not let anyone tell you that following your dream is impossible. If you love what you do and live with absolute passion, anything can be achieved. Have unwavering faith and just jump.
Messie Jessie

Sue Griffiths studied art and fashion illustration at colleges in Wales and London. Based on the Island of Anglesey, she combines her love of textiles, illustration and craft in her pieces of mixed media, sculpture, collage and altered art. In a conversational style, Sue shares her art, offers her advice on selling handmade items and provides lots of lovely eye candy; most of which is available in her Etsy shop.

Selling Crafts Tip
When selling your altered art or any other handmade item, think about the questions customers ask about your items. When attending craft shows or fairs, save table space for cards or signage to explain the materials used, construction methods and anything else that may help someone in their buying decision. That way you answer the questions that browsers might not want to ask as well as encourage people to ask other questions about your work.
A Toast to Altered Art

She gets to live in Paradise (the Gulf Coast of Florida) and play with the latest paper crafting materials and tools too. Jule is an artist creating a wide variety of projects that you can purchase and/or be inspired by. Crafters in her area can also attend one of her many classes. Her altered art blog is sure to provide you with hours of crafty inspiration.

Crafting Tip
When working with inks, paints, and/or pigments save the paper towels that you are using for blending, dabbing or clean up. Put them between two pieces of waxed paper and run them through a die cutting machine. You'll have a unique tie-died die that exactly matches the piece you are working on. I like to coat them with Hellmar's Textured Effects to seal them and make them a bit more durable too.