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All of these crafters have one thing in common, they are hoping to tempt you with something worthy of the honor of becoming a special part of your wardrobe. Isn't there room in your closet for a few more exceptional garments? These crafters embellish, screen print, tie die, or construct from scratch a wide variety of clothing and apparel. There's sure to be something for every taste.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite clothing and apparel tips .

NOTE: We only accept sites that are selling garments they have constructed and/or adorned themselves or sites which include instructional materials on garment construction. Sites selling large-scale manufactured products will not be accepted.

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Beqi Clothing

Handmade goods for discerning punk rock pirate librarians everywhere. You too can dress like a rock star, only smarter.

Sewing Tip
1.Get your sewing machines retimed at least once a year if you sew a lot.

2.Change needles frequently, as worn out needles will cost you garments in the long run, and may jam your machine beyond repair.

3.Thrift stores and garage sales are good places to scrounge for re-usable purse handles and cheap beads.

4.Old tracing paper makes perfect tearaway paper for sewing vinyl. Just be sure you have a strong enough machine and a big enough needle. And go slooooooow.

I make handcrafted clothing, combining vintage inspiration with modern, comfortable style. My clothes are made from all-natural materials, including organic fabrics, natural fibers, and dyes and paints made from plants and earth extracts. Thus these clothes are friendly to both the wearer and the environment. Some clothes are sewn, some are knitted, but all are eco-friendly. I believe in making clothes that are good for you and good for the planet. Ecouturiere was once known as Windy Hill Fibers.

Thrifty Sewing Pattern Tip
If you're looking for a way to preserve all of those sizes in a pattern, here's an idea. I buy rolls of rosin paper, used as a floor under-layment, from a home improvement store. Then I place the pattern oven the rosin paper and use a fine point marker to trace the proper size onto the paper. The rosin paper is cheap and thick enough to last through many uses.
Made for Me by Oaklie - Handmade Fashion Scarves

Beautiful, handmade Fashion Scarves in a wide variety of colors and styles. "Who says scarves are just for winter?"

Designing Tip
When Knitting or Crocheting... don't be afraid to experiment with vibrant color and various textures.. they can really make a nice combo in your projects!
Henrietta Lovetta Designs

Henrietta MacPhee is a designer based in London. She studied At Camberwell College of Arts and prints her designs onto T shirts with a silk screen. The images morph and merge everyday objects making the ordinary exciting.

Craft Show Display Tip
Stall presentation is really important. Think about how you can create space and different levels on your table. Step back and look at your stall, is it eye catching? Do people know what your selling from far away? Make sure you have a clear brand name in full view.
How To Make Tutus

Discover how to make a variety of beautiful boutique quality tutus with our step-by-step instructional course. Learning how to make tutus has never been easier.

Using Tulle Tip
When cutting tulle from a roll, using a rotary cutter and self-healing mat will ensure straight cuts and take far less time than using a scissors.
Tied and True Tutus

Handmade, custom created tutus in all different color combinations, ribbon selections, and styles to suit any princess or diva! I have some already made tutus for sale, as well as offering custom creations designed by you!

Tutu Tip
When making tutus:
1. Always pre-cut your tulle prior to starting!
2. Use measured cardboard pieces to wrap your tulle around to make cutting easier (if you want a 10 inch length to your tutu, wrap tulle around a 20 inch piece of cardboard and use the ends as a cutting guide).
3. Make sure to pull on your elastic to be sure it will hold!
Fashionable and Fun No Slip Headbands

Looking for fashionable headbands in a wide variety of colors styles? For the lady on the go who doesn't always have time to put that extra effort into styling your hair or wants to match her wardrobe from head to toe, our headbands are the perfect fit. All of our items are fully hand washable and in come in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

Hair Accessories Tip
The problem with most handmade and even store bought hair accessories is that they slip out of place. Attach a bit of high-pile velvet to the back and no more slipping.
Pixie Pocket

Pixie Pocket is the Etsy shop of a talented seamstress and fashion designer from Christchurch, New Zealand. Inspired by 1950s era fashions, her beautifully designed dresses offer something for every taste or special event. Her line of garments include beautiful handmade rockabilly, pin up, wedding, bridal and party dresses. Every garment is offered custom fit at no additional charge, including plus sizes.

Thrifty Crafting Tip
When sewing an item that requires stuffing it can be cheaper to buy a cheap pillow rather than buy stuffing from a fabric shop.
Lulu's Tutus

Tutus and more tutus. And baby costumes, and baby headbands, and onesies. Lindsay has teamed up with her Mom to stock this Etsy shop full of all sorts of cute things for little ones. What started out as a search for a ballerina costume has led to a great shop that can turn any little girl into a fairy tale princess.

Tutu Making Tip
Use 2 layers of tulle to make a fluffier tutu! :)
Fraggles and Friggles - For the Science Nerd in All of Us

What happens when an epidemiologist is also a clever crafter? You get Fraggles and Friggles, a Science inspired Etsy shop full of fun and punny screen printed shirts, biology geekery, eco friendly earrings for botany and nature lovers, and beautiful bracelets for geology nerds. Elizabeth Mermel makes science accessible and fun.

Crafting Tip
If you layer several plastic bags under rice paper, they fuze and you can make your own sturdy grocery bag!