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Digital Art & Graphics for Crafters

Looking for great clipart, vector images and photographs to use in your scrapbooking, needlework, painting, screen printing or other crafting? These websites offer digital graphics designed specially for crafters.

All site owners have included their favorite crafting tips.

Please Note: This category is limited to those websites that have materials specifically for crafters. Please understand, that if your site does not mention arts or crafts it will not be accepted in this category.
Trina Clark Designs - Primitive & Country Graphics

Adorable Primitive & Country Graphics at affordable prices, as well as a selection of art prints by Trina Clark, rubber stamps, printables, digital scrapbook kits, and more. YES! You can use the graphics you purchase to create crafts intended for profit! YES! You can use the graphics to create web sets, auction templates, digital scrapbook kits, digital embroidery patterns, sewing patterns, and so much more. No commercial license required. EASY terms of use with the crafter in mind!

Tile Painting Tip
Use clear contact paper as a protective cover for handpainted tiles.
Free Downloadable Images for Crafters

A site honoring the works of old and breathing new life into drawings, paintings and other images that have since gone out of copyright and are in the public domain. We select pictures and drawings that we think have the most potential for scrapbookers, collage makers, mixed media artists, stationary makers, ATC enthusiasts, and other crafters.

We have an ever-growing collection of categorized images that include animals, fancy letters, people and cartoons. We also have sets of images that would be perfect to create a story or theme in your next crafting project.

Copyright Law Tip
If you plan on creating items to sell from free images you have found on the Internet, make sure that they are copyright and royalty free. Copyright free means that the original owner no longer controls who can use their image and what can be done with it. Royalty free means the person who created an image still enjoys copyright protection and typically sells the picture to others, but does not require additional charges for using their image. If you are looking for free images to use with your crafts, look for terms like copyright free and public domain to ensure that the images are truly free to use and simply not "borrowed" from their original owner.

Copyright laws vary from country to country and what may be no longer under copyright in one country may still be protected in another.
Heaven Country Graphics

Heaven Country Graphics specializes in primitive country graphics, digital scrapbooking supplies, printable graphics, web clipart, backgrounds, personalized banners, and merchant websets. Visit our free country graphics pages for page backgrounds, scrapbook papers, desktops, and more.

Thrifty Paper Crafting Tip
Using free online printables to create scrapbook papers, small gift wrap or photo mattes is so easy. A simple way to make darling craft tags or labels for your product is to use a downloadable background or scrapbook paper and use it as a background with a tag template in a graphics program to add your own text. Then just print and add to your product!
Primsy Doodle Designs

Original whimsical and country themed clipart, websets, digi scrap, printables, myspace graphics and a free clipart club.

Selling Crafts Tip
In order to succeed in an online craft business you must be sure to network with others selling similar items. You need as many relevant (similar) inbound links as possible.
Free Papercraft Printables

1000's of free printable images for all papercrafters including backing papers, tea bags and decoupage. Plus demos, tutorials and free fortnightly update newsletter service.

Card Making Tip
Try hard to think about the person who may be the lucky recipient of your card or the subject of your scrapbook page. Make things as personal as possible - the more personal the project - the more it will be loved by the recipient. Often purchased papers and punches can be very generic (they have to be to sell enough to make things worthwhile) - whereas the web offers you access to a huge range of printables that will be a lot more applicable to your project. (for example backing paper with tools on for a handyman or with bees for a bee keeper). Follow this simple rule and your papercrafts will be all the better for it.
Sugar Bear Graphics

Sugar Bear Graphics provides an ever-growing collection of original clip-art for embroidery, scrapbooking, cross-stitch patterns, appliqués, printable graphics, vinyl wall decals, rubber and digital stamps, and more. Crafts created with our graphics can be used for profit.

Digital Crafting Tip
For best results when printing graphics make sure your file settings are set to CMYK.
For best results when using graphics on the internet make sure your file settings are set to RGB.
The Famous Artists

A new and growing website dedicated to the world's most famous artists. Selected artist biographies tell you more about the person behind the brush as well as showcase a number of their more famous works. All of the paintings are now in the public domain and could make a wonderful addition to your next crafting project.

Digital Crafting Tip
When looking for images for your own creations, study public domain pictures for single elements that might meet your needs. Need some flowers but don't want an entire vase full? Why not Photoshop out a single beautiful bloom and use it alone to make a dramatic statement. Need a frame for your own digital artwork? Why not borrow one from a historic painting or other masterpiece - doesn't your work deserve a gilded or hand-carved frame too?
Teresa's Country Treasures

Quality country clipart, graphics, digital art, printables and websets for all your crafting projects from a number of the most popular prim designers. License restrictions apply and vary with each artist. Live download links available immediately upon electronic payment.

Crafting Tip
When creating crafts for profit or fun focus on things that are of interest to you. Create items that are geared towards what you love. By doing this your work becomes a labor of love. Enjoy what you do and the creative juices will flow! Happy crafting!!
2d Digital Art Guide

As the practical roadmap to 2d digital art paintings for the motivated beginner, the free online drawing and painting lessons here will help you build a strong artistic foundation in no time!

Commercial Drawing Tip
When drawing for a client, don't assume that when they say they want the piece to be strong that they are talking about color; they could just as easily be referring to brandability, physical strength or something else entirely. Pay attention to the words they use and whenever they use a vague term like strong, stylish, vibrant, etc. ask them to tell you specifically what those words mean to them.
Crafty Clipart Central

Purchase quality clipart and graphics for your scrapbooking and crafting projects from the digital artist Angelea Wenke. Angela offers a wide variety of holiday and printable graphics that are perfect for webpages and your mixed media projects. License restrictions apply. Live download links available immediately upon electronic payment

Creating an Antique Look on Your Projects Tip
To get an aged/antique look to jewelry or figurines you can use one of the following:
1) Burnt Umber paint (acrylic) - mix your paint with a little of water. How much water depends on how grungy you want your item to look.
2) Min Wax Stain - After applying your paint or stain immediately remove some of the paint/stain with a soft cloth. How much you leave on is a personal preference. When you remove the stain/paint some will remain in the crevices of your piece. This really works well when you have a piece that is textured, but will work well with a smooth piece as well.
Allow to dry and then apply a sealer. You now have an aged piece of work.