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There are many of us who just so love creating things that we enjoy using a huge variety of techniques and mediums. The Crafty Blogs category was designed to share those blogs that might talk about crochet today, knitting tomorrow and quilting the day after that.

All of the craft bloggers listed here are definitely worth visiting and participating in their sites. Many of the bloggers showcased here provide advice on selling crafts, selling crafts on Etsy and promoting crafty websites. No matter which blog you visit, you'll learn something new and will feel like you've met a new friend.

The blogs showcased here could also be categorized under such headings as "For the Love of Crafting" or "The Lives of Crafters".

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All the website owners have also shared their favorite crafting tips.

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zakka life

a blog dedicated to free, easy, original, practical craft projects

Crafting Tip
Don't have a bone folder for those clean creases? No problem. Use a Popsicle stick instead!

Sewchristine is Christine and Jesse the Sewing Wonder Dog's not so little place on the web. This blog is full of wonderful craft ideas and tutorials. Christine is most known for her wonderful sewing and bag-making tutorials but she also talks about knitting, quilting and embroidery. Her site also hosts her shop, where she sells her handmade items as well as patterns and materials for making your own bags and hand made items

Crafting Tip
Eucalyptus oil will remove most 'foreign' substances from the bottom of your iron.
Jane Blogs

Join this Aussie mommie who lives with Mr. Blog, giver of seriously great hugs, and her children as she explores the world of crafting on the Internet. Her blog is full of vibrant colors and her original mixed media art. Lots of great inspiration and charming things to check out before they hit her Etsy shop.

Craft Room Tip
Save old film canisters to store needles and other small things such as beads & sequins. Small pretty stickers printed from your computer can be stuck on each so that you know exactly what is inside.
adelle: Art, Craft and Beautiful things

A world to find art lesson plans, commission a painting, discover the best op shops, win monthly crafty give away prizes or sit on a crazy chair!

Thrifty Tip
Ebay is a great source to both buy and sell craft supplies. I’ve gotten paints, scrapbooking paper, and great fabrics, all at extremely reasonable prices. Their full retail prices were several times what I paid.
Craft Ideas For All

Our blog has easy, inexpensive and practical craft ideas for all age groups. It has projects with detailed instructions. The craft projects range from paper quilling, clay flowers and paper flowers to various interesting kids craft. We love to share our passion with fellow crafters and would love to hear from you.

Digital Crafting Tip
Add copyright watermark to all the images on your website. It protects your work from being copied as is and is a friendly reminder that the images and your work are copyrighted. You can easily do that using software like Picasa or Irfanview.
Jewellery From Craft Cove

Australian bead artist Jenny Lawson shares some free jewellery tutorials for anyone to use. Jenny sells beaded flowers, wedding bouquets and beaded jewellery. Her tutorials are clear to understand and fully illustrated. She also shares her latest projects, inspirations and even the challenges she faces as a jewellery artist.

Beading Tip
When creating 3d ornaments be careful that your thread is not too thick or it may not fit through the beads as many times as necessary.
The Miho Suzuki Blog

A fun blog with step-by-step craft project instructions as well as interesting information about Japan.

Thrifty Paper Crafting Tip
Crafting paper is all around us. Before going out to buy new paper, check at home first. Even plain paper can be dressed up, cut out or painted!
Mixing it up with DaPerfectMix

A blog about my crafting adventures. I love to crochet, make jewelry, and other accessories. I have free patterns and tutorials.

Thrifty Tip
Thrift stores and Flea markets are great places to get supplies, fabric and sometimes very unique items and treasures for your crafts at a low price.
Freaky Keen

Featuring my craft "to-do" lists and all the projects as I complete them. Lists tend to show up a lot in other forms. I also feature various tutorials from across the web, the occasional fun local event, and anything else I find to be amusing.

Thrifty Sewing Tip
Want a cute top, but all you have is an old too big t-shirt? Just grab your sewing machine, some lace, elastic and some guts. First, remove the sleeves and save for later. Cut the neck into either a scoop neck or square shape, your choice. Take in the sides of the the t-shirt so it doesn't hang like a sack. Reattach the sleeves, adding small pleats so they will fit. Trim the neckline with lace and the sleeves too if you like. Now add the the elastic to the hems of the sleeves and along the neckline too. What you will end up with is a cute sort of peasant style top with puffed sleeves that has been specially tailored to you. Aren't you so lucky.

Crafts, creations, recipes, reviews and anything else that strikes my fancy. On a tight budget so a lot of recycled, refashioned, and thrifty stuff.

Thrifty Crafting Tip
Don't throw away those plastic bottle caps that recycling won't take - they have a lot of craft uses.
Rinsed out laundry bottle caps are just the right size to use for egg holders for Easter. They also are great to take to the sandbox or beach to make little sandcastles or villages.

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