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Crafting Parties

Forget pin the tail on the donkey! Why not turn your next birthday party into a crafting session? The companies listed here specialize in providing the supplies and know-how to have party goers leave the party with a handmade creation. Whether you are looking for pre-packaged, age-appropriate crafts for kids or a professional crafter to hold the party in the location of your choice, the sites listed below offer what you are looking for.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite crafting party tips .
Beading Buds, a Traveling Beading Party!

All you have to do is provide a place to bead, we bring the beading party to you, we bring the beading supplies, the instructors and the fun. We specialize in birthday beading parties, but can customize our bead party to any event and occasion. We cater to ages 5 and up. Beading party kits can be shipped anywhere. We provide beading party services in the Greater Toronto Area (Oakville, Brampton, Port Credit, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, North York, Thornhill and Richmond Hill).

Jewelry Making Tip
Swarovski Vs. 'Regular' Glass Beads When creating your first beading/jewelry project, you might have to decide between using Swarovski Crystals or Glass Beads. Swaroski Crystals have an elegance and majesty of fine European design with a refined feel of beauty known across the globe. Its trademark and reputation are world class and well-known. Glass beads offer a unique appearance and personal appeal. They can be mass-produced or individually made by a lampwork bead artist. One of the great things about beading is the fun and excitement of selecting your own beads. You’ll come across an infinite amount of choices which will inevitably come down to one thing … what your overall feel of the piece should be.
Pots of Fun

Enjoy a professional pottery painting experience at home or work with a kit from Pots of Fun. We supply all the materials, equipment, know how and a professional glazing and firing service to ensure you can create your own artwork at a time and place to suit you. Our kits start individual items, suitable for baby prints to larger kits for birthday parties or hen nights. We are also happy to create a custom kit especially for you. This is a fun activity suitable for all ages and abilities.

Crafting Tip
Top Tips for Great Baby Hand and Foot Prints
  1. Get everything ready for painting before you find your child.
  2. It is easier with two people, one to hold the child and one to do the painting.
  3. Paint one hand or foot at a time.
  4. Put the paint on the hand or foot with a sponge.
  5. With feet bring the item to the foot and press the foot on the item.
  6. With hands put the item on a hard surface like a table and place the hand on the item.
  7. Hands can be very difficult to paint with babies under 3 months.