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From software designed to run a craft business to patterns software, Crafty Tips hopes to share with you many of the finest for sale and free craft software products we can find.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite crafting tips .
Rexan's Craft Organizer Software Program
Rexan's Craft Organizer Software Program

Rexan's Craft Organizer (RCO) is a favorite for ALL crafters no matter what you hand make. It's easy to use and has built in scan software. Once you get organized you will always be organized saving you time, money and space. Think of how much more fun it will be to craft, in your crafting world, by having all your craft files together, organized and at your fingertips.

Craft Room Tip
It's no longer necessary to store a sample of your finished project. Take a picture with your digital camera, download and describe it and it's saved for future reference. Think of all the working space you will free up in your crafting room.
Best Consignment Shop Software

Affordable accounting software for consignment shops, thrift, craft and resale stores large and small starting at just $99.

Buying Software Tip
Ask every software vendor for a written full disclosure of all fees and ownership provisions which might be anti-selective against the buyer. Some vendors don't publish all of their fees prior to purchase and some forbid the resale of their software in the future which would make it difficult to sell or transfer you business to someone else.
Friendship Bracelet Design Software

Free knitting software to design friendship bracelets. Friendship bracelet patterns,tips and tricks.

Friendship Bracelet Making Tip
You can made any 2 color macrame based friendship bracelet by using "Frivalite" knit only.

Craftybase is an online craft inventory app that helps you keep track of your handmade projects. Know what goes into each project, how much each costs in materials and expenses, whether you have enough stock to make more, then see whether you are charging enough for it. Calculate your sales and profit margins, manage your projects and track your inventory and stock levels.

Thrifty Crafting Tip
Try to plan your craft projects in advance as much as possible - it means you can calculate the total materials that you need and potentially order in bulk at discounted prices. Remember - the less you spend in material costs, the more profit you can make when selling your handmade items!
BeadEnCounter Craft Organizing and Pricing Software

Need to organize your stash? Price your work? BeadEncounter works for all crafts, internationally, to catalog and organize your materials, price and share your work. Upload pictures directly to Facebook, print inventory lists, instantly price finished work. Created by a beader/artist for artists, tested by artists for ease of use. Visit the website and our forum, download a FREE DEMO. Works on Mac and PC with no additional software required. Take your art to a professional level!

Crafting Tip
When you purchase new items for your stash, spend time while storing them going through existing items, to see what creative ideas the new purchases might spark. That new fiber might go perfectly with a bead that's been sitting unused for years!