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Embellishments - Multi Specialty

Buttons, trims, appliqués, and all kinds of interesting embellishments are offered by the sites listed in this category. Add some flair to pillows, clothing or just about anything with the huge variety of items being offered by this international group of fine retailers and wholesalers.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite crafting with embellishment tips .
Rhinestoneshop.com - Swarovski Rhinestones

Largest selection of Swarovski flat back and hot fix crystal rhinestones you can find on the web. We have all your accessories including glue, hot fix applicator tool and setter.

Rhinestone Tip
Use the hot fix rhinestones on everyday clothing and costumes. They stay on clothing after multiple washings much better than the standard flat back rhinestones. On the other hand the standard flat backs should be used with either the E6000 blue or Crafter's pick on objects like your cell phone and flip flops.
Trims, Beads, Appliques, Crafts - A Treasure Nest

A Treasure Nest is an online store that carries a wide selection of home décor trims and tassels; beads and pendants; sequin appliques and motifs; craft and candy boxes; bridal appliques and wedding accessories; crochet and home accents; scrapbooking materials and other craft products. Our website carries over 4,000 products.

Decorating with Trim Tip
To create a new look for your home you do not need to buy new expensive furniture. Simply prepare different sets of pillows to provide accent to your existing furniture. Say a playful grouping of pillows for everyday and a set of high end elegant pillows for formal occasions. To do this you might want to explore different available embellishment for your pillows.
Button Mad

buttonmad.ca brings you INCOMPARABLE's finest range of unique, handmade, hand-painted, ceramic buttons. Our extensive collection of designs and styles, including flat-back and acid-free craft pieces for multi-use applications, are ideal for embellishment of sewing, knitting, quilting and cross-stitching as well as greeting cards, scrapbooking and jewelry. Primarily a wholesaler but will sell in retail quantities.

Crafting with Buttons Tip
Flat backed buttons, two different colors of card stock, and a pretty ribbon can be used to create striking and unique gift tags.
Hand Made Buttons

Better than store bought, these beautiful buttons are 100% handmade by the talented polymer clay artist Tessa Ann. Many of her buttons are inspired by nature with trees, flowers and birds all precisely fashioned out of clay. She sells a wide variety of colors, designs and seasonal buttons and also takes custom orders. Her work is truly wearable art!

Polymer Clay Tip
Polymer clay makes a wonderful medium for creating many beautiful projects. Most commonly used for jewelry and art sculptures, I have found them to be a wonderful material for creating beautiful buttons! Polymer clay is found in any major craft store and there are many brands to choose from. In my experience, Fimo and Kato clays have been much more of a higher quality and more durable than those that Sculpey makes. Conditioning your clay is important before you begin a project. For years my hands were my main tool for conditioning clays. After coming across a pasta roller in the polymer clay isle and my 40% off coupon in hand, I decided to give it a try. Just like a pasta machine, you simply roll the clay through the rollers. This softens and makes the clay pliable and ready for creating. With polymer clay, you are able to take existing colors available at your craft store and mix them using a simple color wheel to create a rainbow of beautiful colors.
When working with my polymer clay, I always use a sheet of wax paper on my work table. This allows easy manipulation of the clay without it sticking to a solid surface. Get out your rubber stamps and mini cookie cutters to create beautiful shapes and textures. The ideas and possibilities for creativity when using polymer clay is endless. Happy Creating!
Crystal and Glass Beads

Online store supplying Swarovski crystals with both hotfix and non hotfix flatback crystals, applicators and adhesive. Large range of sizes with everything from ss5 for nail art up to ss48 which are perfect embellishments for dance costumes. Site blog offers advice for selecting the right size crystals and tutorials on how to apply them along with other useful advice and tutorials.

Rhinestone Tip
When applying rhinestones its not only important to choose the right kind of rhinestones, but you may also need to prepare the surface before adding them.
When applying crystals to fabric make sure the material is ironed first to flatten it out before adding crystals. If you are creating complex designs with hotfix rhinestones, its sometimes easier to lay out the crystal designs onto the fabric and then use a steam iron to melt the adhesive and set them into place permanently.
If applying crystals to a smooth surface like plastic, it needs to be roughed up to provide a better bonding surface. You can use a fine grit sandpaper or emery cloth to achieve this, then remove any dust and wipe over the surface with a degreasing agent such as an alcohol wipe, which also dries quickly.
Hotfix rhinestones are perfect for applying to fabric or card/paper.
Non - Hotfix crystals can be attached to just about anything with the correct adhesive.
When applying them to fabric or paper/card Gemtac is the best adhesive which is strong washable and non toxic.
To apply non - hotfix crystals to plastic, glass or metal e6000 provides a stronger bond than gemtac as its an industrial strength glue, the downside is that it has very strong fumes so care needs to be taken to ventilate the fumes, so that they are not inhaled.
ZzzonkOwl Fabric Covered Buttons

ZzzonkOwl makes a wide variety of fun and colorful fabric-covered buttons. They offer necklaces and magnets, but will also hand craft a variety of doodads. Keep a lookout for earrings, pins, bookmarks, shoe clips, hairpins, thumbtacks...and surely even more down the road. These make cool accessories for yourself, or unique and inexpensive gifts for family and friends.

Crafting Tip
Add a layer or two of tissue underneath your fabric-covered buttons to prevent the shiny metal from showing through the fabric.