Friendship Bracelets

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Friendship Bracelets

A single listing for a website about making friendship bracelets has been bringing so many visitors to Crafty Tips that is becoming obvious that these fun and quirky expressions of friendship are experiencing a renewed popularity. It seems only fitting that friendship bracelets be given its own category. The sites listed here will include free friendship bracelet patterns and instructional guides, friendship bracelet patterns for sale and sites offering finished bracelets.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite friendship bracelet making tips .
Friendship Bracelets by Stefan

Be inspired by the amazing friendship bracelet patterns on this website. Don't miss the Gallery where the site owner shares his own friendship bracelets and those of visitors to his site. Are you a designer of friendship bracelets or would just like to be? Stefan has created a wonderful friendship bracelet pattern generator that will have you creating your own patterns in minutes. There's also an active forum to exchange ideas with other crafters.

Friendship Bracelet Tip
When braiding the ends of your bracelet consider using more than three strands in each braid for a different look.
Peace Pattern Info

A great blog-style website that shares a huge variety of free friendship bracelet patterns. The designer shares useful tips on what not to do as well as instructions on how to attractively begin and end your bracelets.

Friendship Bracelet Making Tip
A doorknob makes finding the center of your threads much easier. Use it like you would a third hand by draping the threads you plan to use for your friendship bracelet and sliding the thread along the knob until all of the ends meet.
A colorful collection of handmade friendship bracelets

A place where you can find recent updates on my little collection of handmade friendship bracelets. These friendship bracelets are knotted by hand using embroidery threads, there are a variety of colors and designs!

Making Friendship Bracelets Tip
If you friendship bracelet starts to twist, iron it flat!

It seems like the site and forum known as Heather's Friendship Bracelets has undergone numerous moves and hosting issues have cause the forum to go offline. It is unclear how long this address will work but much of the information on how to make friendship bracelets and dozens of patterns are available through the link here.

Friendship Bracelet Tip
If you should make a mistake, knots can be undone from the back side with a safety pin.


This is one of the few sites that we link to that are not completely written in English. There are just so many wonderful and well done friendship bracelet patterns on this site that we think you'll be able to overcome the language issues.

Designing Friendship Bracelets Tip
When designing a new friendship bracelet, consider adding two or more smaller patterns to create a unique look.