Lolita & Steampunk

lolita and steampunk accessories

Both trace their roots to the Victorian era for stylistic influences. One is believed to have started in Japan and creates a modest, feminine appearance. The other traces its roots to cyberpunk, science fiction and even Jules Verne.

Both Lolita and Steampunk clothing items and accessories are being created and offered by the talented seamstresses, milliners and jewelry artist showcased on this section of Crafty Tips. From footwear, skirts and hats to jewelry to everything worn in between, these artisans offer a wide variety of unique, handcrafted items.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite lolita and steampunk crafting tips .

NOTE: We only feature shops that handcraft their items one at a time; nothing is mass-produced.

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Rag Dollies Madhouse Accessories

I simply adore steampunk and gothic style and love creating one of a kind head-wear, jewelry and Elizabethan ruffs and cuffs. Many items feature small vintage treasures. All of my items are designed for those who simply cannot live without a bit of eccentricity in their style.

Recycled Crafting Tip
When you're cleaning up your closet, have your eyes open! an old shirt, the sequins of a dress that you wore in the 80's, or the buttons of a jacket might come in handy in your next crafting project! recycling is a great tool!

Ruty is a jewelry artist from Israel who specializes in Steampunk style jewelry. Her inspiration comes from fantasy books and movies, nature, the Middle Ages and the Victorian era. She combines metal and clay to create unique wearable statement pieces.

Crafting Tip
Draw on paper what you want to create before you start.