Painted Glass

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Painted Glass

From the functional to the frivolous, these painted glass artists will have it. Along with their creations for sale, many offer free tutorials and tips on the art of painting on glass.

All the website owners have also included their favorite painted glass tips.
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Glass Painting With Enamels

Find out how to do glass painting. Includes advice about materials and different ways of applying glass paint.

Glass Painting Colour Tip
When glass painting, you can increase the depth of colour if you apply the glass paint to glass that has a sandblasted surface.
Glass Gifts for Less

We have been selling Stained Glass Paints for over 23 years to create your own colorful pieces or buy our ready made Centerpiece Decorative Flower Vase, Glass Cleaner and Hand Painted Martini Glasses Art. We ship worldwide.
Editor's Note: Yes, this is an example of using their stained glass paints to make a super cool sink and vanity.

Glass Painting Tip
To ensure a clean line when using a liquid led applicator bottle, heat the end of a piece of 18 gauge wire and use it to melt away the uneven and sharp places where you cut the tip of the bottle.
Randam Art on Glass Hand Painted Glassware

Hand painted glassware of original styles with quality glass paints and adorned in a variety of ways with interesting embellishments. These small works of art are perfect simply as art d├ęcor, but are also useful pieces of home wear. Stemware, vases, oil bottles, salt and pepper shakers, oil candles, and reed diffusers are some of the intended uses.

Crafting Tip
To ensure an even coverage when painting on glass, the two most important points to remember before you begin is to a) be sure to thoroughly clean the item, first with soap and water, and once dry you should then wipe the surface that will receive the paint with white spirits or rubbing alcohol. The second point to remember before you begin is to ensure you have a very good quality soft brush. This will ensure you get the best even coverage on your painted item.
HHM Holidays

Happy HomeMade Holidays is the Etsy shop of Samantha Rosenkrans. Her passion is painting. She transforms plain glassware into stylish and trendy decorations. Have a holiday any day of the year with designer wine, champagne or everyday glassware custom painted by Samantha. Who wants a plain, clear wine glass when they can have a handpainted one with polka-dots? Polka dots not your style? How about zebra stripes, tie-dye or plaid? Or maybe you would like a custom piece designed to match your kitchen or dining room? While you're at her shop checking out her hand painted glass ware, be sure to also check out her yummy food mixes, bath soaks and other hand-made goodies.

Crafting Tip
-listen, the best ideas come from your customers
-learn, making a mistake is just an excuse to do better next time
-take Awesome Photos!!!! (natural sunlight helps alot)
-never give up
The Lovely Ink

The Lovely Ink is a site and blog about all things created using Alcohol Ink. The Lovely Ink features glassware, dishware, home decor, ornaments, and other handmade home goods all inspired by ink-based design. Martha talks about her latest designs as well as offers great tips on using alcohol ink on your own creative projects.

Crafting Tip
For an interesting and random look, blow the alcohol ink across the surface of the item being painted. But, unless you want to be left gasping like a fish out of water, use one of those cans of compressed air used to dust electronics. I also recommend you use several at once. The cans can get extremely cold, even frosty, and it is safer for you and your skin to switch cans rather than let one get too cold.