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So many of the wonderful things artisans and crafters are creating with paper use the same materials and techniques. It seemed silly to have separate categories for cards, paper crafts, rubber stamping and scrapbooking when so many of the wonderful crafting tips that everyone has been sharing are inter-related.

It may be a little confusing at first to find things but I think in the long-run it makes more sense to put all the paper crafting tips in one place along with all of the wonderful blogs, websites and online stores for paper crafters.

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Papercrafting Is Our Passion!
Are you in search of new, unique, and exciting handcrafted papergoods that are love inspired? If your style is Vintage, Modern, Bohemian or Shabby Chic, you'll find what you're looking for in our Specialty Boutique.
You Mustache By!

Thrifty Tip
Money Saving Tip:
After you have used all of your pre-cut glue dots, cut the sheet that surrounds the individual glue dots in to the shape that you want and use them before buying more glue dots.
I always us every scrap - lol
Lefty's Handcrafts

Lefty's Handcrafts is a little work shop that specializes in paper crafts and goods. I'm making photo albums, wishing books, invitations, charms, decorative wooden objects and many more all handmade. My latest inspiration is my paper jewelry and Eco friendly bags and purses, it seems that everything I do evolves around paper!

Crafting Tip
A tip to seal and protect your little paper jewelry or decorations (not for large items). Transparent good quality nail polish in a very neat layer, you can apply more layers if you like but after each layer has dried very well. You have to work fast with this thing but once you get the hung of it it's great to use. Also good for human use in comparison with other industrial varnishes. You can also reuse if your items get scratch or dim from use. I hope I make sense :) Thank you Lefty