Rubber Stamping

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Rubber Stamping

Rubber stamping has become so much more than a tool of paper pushers. It has become a vibrant craft medium used by scrapbookers, card makers, paper crafters and rubber stampers. From basic tips and techniques to high-tech powders and inks, the sites listed in this section of Crafty Tips have everything rubber stampers need to practice their art.
Rubber stamp artists also challenge each other to really show their stuff in the many rubber stamp challenge websites where rubber stampers compete for weekly prizes.
As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite rubber stamping tips .

Rubber Stamping Sub-Categories

2Crafting Sisters

We are 2 sisters that use rubber stamping techniques for a variety of items. We do a lot of paper crafting as well as stamping on dominoes for pins and ceramic tiles for coasters. We make gift boxes and bags, picture frames. We also make squash books which are mini photo albums. We also offer custom made items.

Rubber Stamping Tip
When making ceramic tile coasters with rubber stamping and ink, make sure to bake the coasters at 350 degrees for 30 minutes after you stamp on them - this helps set the image in. This should be done before putting any protective coating on the tile.
Craft Project Central

Your one stop shop for great project ideas. Step-by-step detailed instructions for creating great paper crafts!

Craft Punch Tip
When using punches, turn them upside down, so you can see what you're punching through the hole in the bottom of the punch!
Craft Stamps Central

A central resource for anyone into stamping, crafting and homemade cards. Find information about products, tips & techniques along with new and creative card ideas. If you are into stamping, we have you covered.

Craft Punches Tip
Craft punches over time get dull and can stick in the locked position. When this happens you just need to simply punch a piece of aluminum foil about 7-10 times which will actually sharpen the punch and reduce the sticking. If that fails, stick the punch in the freezer for 5 minutes - the cooling of the metal will cause it to shrink and make it so that the punch no longer sticks (albeit for a short period).