Rubber Stamping Tutorials

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Rubber Stamping Tutorials

Rubber stamping tutorials can be found on the sites in this category. From hand-carving your own stamps to techniques to colorize, glitterize and otherwise adorn your rubber stamped items you're bound to find a new rubber stamping technique that you haven't tried before.
As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite rubber stamping tips .
The Stampin' Place Tips & Techniques

The Stampin' Place provides a virtual library of rubber stamping tutorials and card ideas for all levels of rubber stamp artists.

Rubber Stamping with Shrink Plastic Tip
When rubber stamping onto shrinking plastic, use a heat tool to set the ink to prevent it from smearing when you color in the design. Use only enough heat to set the ink, not enough to start melting/shrinking the plastic.

A stamp carving artist shares her techniques on the art of carving stamps from erasers and other soft materials. Through a series of step-by-step tutorials, Ruthann will teach you how to carve your own stamps as well as her techniques for making the perfect imprint with your new stamp.

Rubber Stamp Care Tip
To clean stamps made from soft materials use lukewarm water and mild soap. Never rub the stamp surface or use hot water as these may damage the stamp or destroy it completely.