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Quilling on the Web

Quilling is an art form that began before the Renaissance. Once thought to be something for refined ladies to do that required little of them physically or mentally, quilling, like so many wonderful crafts is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Master artists are now rolling, spiraling and shaping thin strips of paper to create so much more than those ladies of leisure could have imagined.

The sites showcased here represent quilling guilds, tutorial sites and the sites, blogs and shops of quilling artists. Quilling requires very few tools and is something that children and adults can do together.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite quilling tips .

North American Quilling Guild

Founded in 2000, the North American Quilling Guild was founded to promote this gentle art and ensure that quilling as an art form thrives for generations to come. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in quilling at all skill levels. The site is full of wonderful examples of quilling, includes several free patterns and includes a list of many wonderful quilling artist's websites.

Quilling Tip
When writing quilling patterns for others to use, be sure to always indicate the width of the paper strips as well as the length of paper needed for each element of the design.
Inna's Creations

Inna has been quilling since 2008. As a stay-at-home mom, she was constantly looking for creative projects to make with her children. Along the way, she became addicted to rolling little strips of paper into shapes to create art. Her blog is full of great tutorials and project ideas and provides plenty of inspiration for quillers of every level.

Quilling Tip
When quilling with children, ensure the focus is on having fun and being creative. If their coils don't turn out the first time, just roll them again. If your children have trouble making the coils, you could always make the coils for them and then let them pinch, shape and create with them.