Recycled Art

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Recycled Art

Artists have always been expanding their craft through the use of new and unusual techniques and supplies. There are many artisans who are taking items that we normally dispose of and creating exciting and often functional works of art.

The sites included in the recycled art category share their recycled art items for sale and many also provide excellent craft tutorials on how to make your own items.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite recycled art tips .
Recycling, Crocheting & Green Crafting

Recycling and crafting make for a wonderful adventure. Join me as I explore ideas and techniques to turn items we normally discard into fully functional and often wearable art. From crocheting and knitting with recycled plastic grocery and bread bags to re-purposing old denim, there's bound to be something that would interest most crafters. Join me to explore new ways to merge recycling and crafting and share a bit of friendly conversation as well.

Recycled Crafting Tip
When making plarn (plastic yarn from grocery bags) don't throw away the handles and ends, use them for packing material, stuffing, fringe on plastic projects or use as a basis for other art projects like flowers.
T-Shirt Yarn

This wonderful blog features a variety of crafty goodness but our favorite idea is using an old T-Shirt to create yarn. The blogger includes a fully-illustrated, step-by-step tutorial along with a great crochet drawstring bag to make with the yarn.

Recycled Crafting Tip
In order for your T-shirt yarn to curl nice, do not make your strip from fabric that contains any decoration. Embroidery, iron-ons and other transfers will make the fabric stiff and keep it from making a consistent thickness of yarn.

As her site explains, Nicola is an e-waste recycler. She makes jewelry, arts and crafts and other useful items from discarded technology items. She offers some items for sale in her shop. Her blog talks about her adventures in recycling and provides a number of cool tutorials to make your own e-waste, recycled crafts.

Recycled Crafting Tip
Instead of buying a fancy card holder to display your business cards at a craft show, how about using an old cassette case. Simply open it up fully and place your cards in it for display.
Creative Paper Mache

Creative Paper Mache truly is the art of recycling. It's not just about paper. It can be combined with all kinds of junk you would normally throw away. Turn your trash to treasure.

Paper Mache Tip
When crafting with kids it's always best to use child friendly pastes. We use plain old flour and water paste with a few drops of oil of cloves. It's non-toxic and the oil of cloves deters the little ones from tasting the paste and also prevents mould from forming on your work as it dries out.

I mainly reuse and recycle plastic bags, billboards and facade posters by creating a variety of useful and decorative items. I cut plastic bags into stripes to make plarn and make crochet flower pot coats. Recycled billboards and posters are converted leaf garlands, ginko leaf ornaments and a number of other items. Additionally, I also make knit hats and Christmas ornaments.

Recycling Tip
Avoiding plastic bags is one thing to do to help against climate change. But if you already have them, the best way to reuse and recycle plastic bags is to cut them into stripes (plarn) and crochet or knit them to various creations.
Geek Gear Store

Techno trash into Geeky Crafts! is dedicated to recycling our discarded technology waste into new and useful crafts and artwork!

Recycling Tip
My shop is made up of recycled technology. I source my "raw material" from a variety of places that include donations, garage sales, friends and family. My tip to you is don't throw away that old computer or game console. There is a wealth of artwork that can be made with the circuits and magic that live inside. I find it easy to make circuit boards into clocks, and everyone needs a clock! Just think you are also keeping many environmentally damaging chemicals out of our landfills too! Stop by my shop for some more great ideas.