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Ribbons & Bows

Ribbons and bows can quickly add a bit of interest to most any craft. Most commonly used to decorate presents and our hair, bows come in many shapes and sizes. The sites listed in this category either sell ribbons and bows or share ways to turn ribbons into bows.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite ribbon and bow-making tips .
Print My Ribbon Personalized Ribbons

Print My Ribbon offers pre-printed and customized ribbons. Choose from double faced satin, holiday plaid, organza and many other ribbon types to ensure that your next party or promotion is a real standout. Product packaging with ribbons and bows displaying your company name and logo are sure to make a lasting impression on your customers. Be sure to check out our bow tying how tos and other articles on event planning, weddings and corporate gift giving.

Bow Making Tip
When learning how to make your own bows, practice the techniques involved with left-over Christmas ribbon before using ribbon purchased for a special event or promotion.
The Ribbon Retreat

Online ribbon supplier featuring ribbon making products, and free instructions for making hair bows, clips and headbands.

Bow Making Tip
When making bows, be sure to heat seal the ends to create a professional appearance. There's nothing that can ruin the look of a bow like frayed ends.

The Ribbon Retreat has provided a complete tutorial on how to make a Flower Loop Hair Bow. The tutorial is included on the details page for The Ribbon Retreat.
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Lone Star Ribbon Company

Lone Star Ribbon Company offers wholesale ribbon prices to the general public and business owners. This family owned company has been operating in Dallas, TX and in the ribbon and crafting supply distribution business since 2005. They offer ribbon by the roll/spool only but do have color cards and offer limited samples for color matching. They have everything you are looking for from reversible polka dot ribbon, satin, grosgrain, key fob hardware, and more.

Make Your Own Key Fob Tip
Make a key fob using webbing & ribbon for a unique gift.

Supplies Needed for Jacquard/Ribbon Key Fob:

1/2 Yard Jacquard 1 1/2" wide
1/2 Yard Grosgrain Ribbon 1 1/2" wide
Key Fob Hardware Set (clasp & key ring)
Sewing Machine (or hand stitched)
Matching Thread

Step 1: Measure your closed fist, add 1 inch, and cut the jacquard and ribbon to that length.
Step 2: Place the ribbon in the center of the jacquard lengthwise about 1/8" from the edges and sew them together.
Step 3: Fold over each end about 1/4" and sew across.
Step 4: Place both sewn edges of the ribbon together and place the clasps over it. Make sure to properly line up the the ribbons and clasps. There should be about a 1/4" of ribbon on either side of the clasp. Protect the clasp with a towel or soft cloth and squeeze it closed with a pair of pliers.
Randall Ribbons

Randall Ribbons is a supplier of hat trimmings, materials and hat accessories. Since our founding, we have built up a reputation for providing products which are of the highest quality as we only deal with established suppliers so you can place your order with complete confidence. Our hat trimming accessories and hat materials are ideal for the milliner or individuals who just need various materials such as artificial flowers, cottons, velvets etc. Delivery available worldwide.

Millinery Tip
Artificial flowers are very versatile and can be worn alone as a corsage, as a headpiece mounted on combs and bases, or go for high drama with a large flower as a focal point for your hat.
Yummy Cuppy Crafts

Fun ribbon hair clips for your little one for all occasions! Bugs, Flowers, Holiday Clips & more!

Making Hairbows Tip
When making hair clips with metal clippies, wrapping/gluing grosgrain ribbon over the clips that hold the hair helps to grab onto the hair and make them have a "NO SLIP GRIP".
My SoCal Creations

Handmade "SoCal" inspired hair clips, bows and accessories for all ages.

Hair Bows Tip
Want to easily make your hair clips and bows no-slip? Just cut a little strip of velcro and attach to the inside of the clip. Also make sure to heat seal all ends of your ribbon used to line your clips with a heat sealing tool or lighter to prevent fraying.
BB Crafts

BBCrafts.com was established in 2000 as a leading retail and wholesale company for ribbons, Tulles, wedding supplies and party favors. We are well-known in California for our excellent prices and quality in all of our products. Our product lines consist of Asian imported craft products, ribbons, tulles and domestically manufactured ribbons such as Offray, Lion, Berwick. All ribbon and fabrics are sold by the bolt or spool. Your satisfactions are our priorities.

Crafting Tip
Use tulle fabric to spice up your arts & craft projects. It is a very affordable yet beautiful material that you can use for just about anything.
HairBow Center

The HairBow Center is a family-owned store that sells high-quality hair bow/crafting supplies such as grosgrain ribbon, decorative resins, crochet headbands and beanies, silk flowers and more.

Making Hair Bows Tip
Layering a variety of different silk flowers on a hair bow can create an attractive look from the many different colors and textures of the flowers.
The Ribbon Carnival

Supplier of High Quality ribbons and craft supplier for hair bows and more. We have a wide variety of Grosgrain and printed ribbons which are perfect for scrapbooking, cheer bows, weddings and hair bows. We also have a selection of fully licensed college ribbon prints.

Ribbon Crafting Tip
Use a scrapbooking Heat Embossing Gun to seal your ribbon ends to prevent fraying. Using this item is easier, cleaner and will not burn your ribbon like lighters or wood burning tools.
Think Bowtique

Think Bowtique was started by one Australian's quest for ribbons and elastics. Finding herself having to order from companies outside of her home country to obtain quality materials in quantity, Melissa thought others were having to do the same. Since launching her site in 2011, she has been offering an extensive range of ribbons, elastic's, flowers and rhinestone buttons in her online store. Along with providing the materials bow makers and other crafters might need, Melissa's Think Bowtique blog offers free tutorials on making hair bows and accessories.

Thrifty Tip
You hair dryer is not just for your hair. Great for fixing bent petals and removing excess hot glue from a project.