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Stencils have become so much more than simple alphabets. Stenciling today is a great way to decorate rooms, scrapbooks, and just about any flat surface. The sites participating here include sites offering stencils for sale as well as great stenciling and painting tips and ideas.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have shared their favorite stenciling tips .
All About Stencils

Extensive how to information for using stencils in decorative painting, such as step by step stencil painting, how to make a stencil and spray paint stencils. Find hints on decorating clothes and furniture. If you need the very basic information on stencils and stenciling or if you need some expert tips and techniques to breathe more life into your stencil, this is the place for you. Come find ideas on decorating furniture and customizing clothes and even free stencils to get you motivated.

Stenciling Tip
How to prepare a paper stencil for multiple uses? My favorite way to make a paper stencil last a long time and endure many paintings is to carefully run lines of packing tape over the front side of the stencil before you cut out the islands (openings). Be careful to have edges of tape overlay each other just a little to be sure that you have a good protective coating. It take s a little practice to avoid wrinkles and bubbles but you will get the hang of it soon.

Also, I prefer to cover only the front of the paper stencil with a layer of clear tape. Having a slick back will encourage paint to seep under the stencil.
Stencil Designs From Penny

We offer some great downloadable stencils designs in categories such as Gardens, Children's, Oriental, Architectural Details, Frogs, Fairies, Angels, Cherubs, Vintage Travel Labels, Halloween Masks, Christmas, Seashore, Wine & Spirits and Fleur de lis...You don't have to pay shipping and your designs can be adjusted to fit your project size (one size fits all). Also, you will get your stencil emailed to you quickly. You'll find lots of how to info with ideas and tips on using stencils.

Stenciling Tip
Remember that a paper stencil can be re-sized to fit whatever your project size requires. Just take your paper stencil to a copy machine and reduce or expand the size of the copy. For example, let's say your stencil is on an 8-1/2" x 11" (letter size) sheet of paper and the stencil edges are measured at 9" x 6". You want the image to be on the cabinet door of a small armoire and the interior space is 27" x 18". Copy the stencil by increasing the size 200%. Your copy will produce an image that would be 18" x 12" leaving a 4-12" space at the top and the bottom and a 3" space on either side. Pretty close. But be creative and move the stencil around or readjust the copy percentage until the image is eye pleasing.
Learn How To Stencil

Custom made decorative lettering stencils are a fun way to create a beautiful, relaxing environment for every room in your home. You can transform dull, boring walls into a work of art with a custom made lettering stencil. Favorite saying, quotes or inspirational messages are a popular choice. Custom stencils come in a range of different fonts and sizes so the ideas are endless.

Stenciling Tip
After you've taped your stencil to wall and are ready to paint, have all of your stencil brushes ready. You'll need one stencil brush for each color paint that you use. Dip your stencil brush into the paint then swirl it back onto a paper plate so that your stenciling with a nearly dry brush. Don't tilt your stencil brush,hold it straight as you pounce or swirl the paint onto the stencil. I like to use a hand held hair dryer to speed up the drying time. If you follow these tips your stencil will turn out smudge free.