Art Photography

Art Photography

Marvel at the beauty that surrounds us as it is captured by these wonderful artist photographers. The photographers listed here are not commercial portrait photographers, but rather they are independent photographers who sell their original pictures and prints as framable works of art.

Each art photographer represented here specializes in a particular location, style or combination of photography and other art forms.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite art photography tips .

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Offering a variety of photography and design services including location portraits for families, children, models and pets commercial photography fine art photography and digital painting.

Photography Tip
Every good photograph needs a strong subject. Use these tips to improve your photo taking skills: When you think you are close enough, Get Closer! Your subject should fill the frame. Use contrast such as strong highlights and shadows or complimentary colors to make your subject stand out. Above all, always have meaning behind your photographs. This will create a connection to the viewer.
Ghostwritten - Fine Art Photgraphy

Nature inspired fine art photographs created with soft, organic textures and layers. Available in many different sizes and printed on a special metallic paper which gives every photograph a unique three-dimensional quality.

Photography Lighting Tip
Using light creatively is one of the best ways to improve a composition. Constantly change the way you are using light in order to create interesting photographs. Try a different angle and move around the subject until the light hits the subject in the best possible way. Try to challenge yourself with every shoot.
Fine Art Photography by Richard Nickson

Fine Art Photography, framed art, prints and note cards by Richard Nickson; featuring wildlife and world of nature from the Florida coast near Hobe Sound.

Photography Lighting Tip
When shooting photographs, take advantage of the lighting conditions at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day. The sun has a warm quality of light before sunset and just after sunrise.
Cape Cod Photography

Fine art photography of landscapes, lighthouses and the Cape Cod area sold as framed and matted high quality prints. Photographer Dapixara, known for his excellence in commercial photography offers his art photography of the Cape Cod area through this website.

Photography Tip
To make Best landscape pictures use wide angle or 50mm lenses.
Uncommon Depth

I use photography as a medium for expressing my personal vision of the world, and giving light to the visions of my dreams. By giving myself freedom from accurate representation, the camera can record what the conscious mind refuses to see. It is a window into another world where reality becomes mystical; and the possibilities for celebrating light, form, and texture are endless. It is my hope that viewers will have a strong emotional connection with these images.
Editor's Note: This artist uses hand-painted acrylic and watercolor backgrounds with her photography to create truly unique pieces of artwork.

Being Creative Tip
Learn all the technical rules of your chosen craft, but then experiment and break all the rules. True creativity comes from going off the beaten path. Sometimes you need to set time and materials aside just to play without any expectations of producing anything usable. That's a great thing to do if you find yourself in a rut.
VERDE Gallery: Eyes on the world

VERDE Gallery: Eyes on the World is a my photogallery. Enjoy a visit to my country through my pictures of Belarusian nature, greenways and homes. My site celebrates the beauty of my country and the art of photography. Take a stroll through Belarusian villages and cities, be inspired by our classical architecture and enjoy the beauty of our countryside. Be sure to contact me if you are interested in using my pictures for your publications or if you would like an art print of my work.

Photography Tip
My cousin has infected me with the hobby of photography. He encouraged me to buy a camera. Since then, I love to travel around forests, villages, and small cities exploring their culture and architecture. I wished to see a lot things!!!! I have to say that many of my early shots were simply bad. I wish to advise that you must never delete your pictures from your camera that you think might not be good. They might truly look wonderful on the monitor of your computer or after being printed on photographic paper. If you wish to accent the ordinariness of an object, you should not overuse PhotoShop or your picture will take no longer look like a natural image. If you have a semiprofessional camera, it is best to support your camera when taking your pictures because it will help to take pictures that are crisp and clear.
Australian Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography featuring a wide variety of panoramic Australian landscape photos for sale in various sizes. The large prints are ideal for the larger rooms in your home or office such as the living room, whilst a selection of smaller photos can really brighten up a hallway or bathroom. Editor's Note: The image shown here is a section of a larger panoramic Australian landscape photo.

Landscape Photography Tip
Whenever you are shooting a landscape photograph always make sure that the horizon is straight before you take the photo. It is possible to adjust the image later using software, but it is much better to get it right in the first place so that the image needs as little adjustment as possible.
Tomlinson Photography & Design

I create handmade quality products that are creative, artistic, and bring color, joy, and inspiration into all of our lives. I offer handmade and photo note cards sold individually or in sets. I create a variety of other items like decorative frames, bookmarks and paintings.

Thrifty Crafting Tip
To organize your craft room on a budget: Save tin cans of various sizes. Clean them out and let dry. Decorate the outside with scrapbook paper, ribbons and other embellishments to match your room. Add labels, if desired.
Urban Picnic

Fine art photographic gallery in Saffron Walden London Essex. Showcasing work by local, national and international photographers and artists. Urban Picnic gallery aims to inspire a new generation of collectors as we share our passion for photography and the arts

Crafting Tip
Look for naturally occurring leading lines, such as this textured wall found down an unimposing alleyway. A 50mm lens is ideal for portraits, creating an attractive shallow depth of field that maintains focus on your model