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Glass beads, clay beads, plastic beads, threads, needles, beading patterns, and lots of great lapidary and beading tips are what you'll find in this section of Crafty Tips. You'll new clever tricks for working with seed beads, wire wrapping and bead-selling tips and that's just on the first page of this category! Dig deeper and you'll learn even more great beading and lapidary tips to make your craft more fun, enjoyable and even more profitable.

Be sure to visit the great sites that shared their tips and techniques for beading, wire wrapping, and lapidary. You'll find more great beading and lapidary tips, bead-making tutorials, lapidary sites and numerous beautiful hand-made beaded and gem stone creations for sale or sources for beading and lapidary supplies.

Beadwork and Lapidary Sub-Categories

N Valentine Studio

Pride of craftsmanship goes into each and every bead and button made by me, a self representing artist. I use Moretti, Lauscha, Vetrofond or Bullseye glass and kiln annealed each piece for long life and durability.

Crafting Tip
I keep all my finished pieces in Ziploc baggies with a tiny piece of anti tarnish paper. Then I don't have to hand clean them as much!
Craft Cove

A collection of crafts, jewellery and gifts. Including beadweaving, chainmail jewellery and wirewrapping. There are necklaces and chokers, bracelets, earrings, 3d ornaments and animals, keyrings, even amulet bags, all in many different types of weaves. And everything is entirely handcrafted by me here in Australia.

Beading Tip
After tying the thread,going through another couple of beads will both help secure and hide the ends.
Maddiethekat Beaded Jewelry/Designs

Beaded amulet bags, stunning necklaces and beaded chokers made using my own patterns and those of others. I also specialize in mini tapestries made entirely from Delica seed beads and trimmed with a variety of glass, wood and metal beads. Many of my pieces feature animals and are original designs based on photographs.

Beading Tip
Looking for a high quality, uniform, universal seed bead that makes beading that much more fun? Try Delicas.
Inspirational Beading

Inspirational Beading explores the creativity behind beadwork and jewelry design. Readers are treated to monthly tutorials, bead spotlights with design ideas, showcases and interviews with bead artists, and inspiration tips.

Beading Tip
The only thing more frustrating than trying to bead with a paper cut or injured finger is fighting with a bandage that doesn't fit properly.
If you've got a cut or hangnail that's minor enough to continue working with, skip the BandAid and the hassle and use plain old ordinary masking tape to cover it up.
You can cut it to any size that you need, and wrap it as many times as you want. When you're done, it comes off easily and doesn't leave any gunk behind. So you get to protect yourself, your work, and your sanity!

Second generation lapidary artisan offering loose stone cabochons, wire wrapped jewelry and rings carved from deer antlers. With the help of two resident shop cats, all of the items offered have been cut, polished and finished by the artist. Free shipping to USA residents via USPS First Class mail.

Lapidary and Wire Wrapping Tip
When wire wrapping, put fresh making tape on the ends of your pliers. This will help prevent any marks, scraps, or nicks from being put onto the wire you are bending.
Good River Gallery Beads and Jewelry

Award winning bead and lampwork artist, Hannah Rosner offers many of her spectacular pieces through her website and her Etsy shop. Visit her website to sign up for her classes on beadweaving and lampworking techniques. Be sure to check out her wonderful jewelry items, beaded purses, sculptures and lampworked beads.

Crafting Tip
To help keep your place while reading a peyote stitch beading graph, I use a flexible magnet board for counted cross stitch. I can use one magnet just above the current row and one just below.
Splendid Stones

Jill loves to work with rocks and oh what splendid rocks they are. She creates semi-precious gemstone jewelry, gemstone bonsai trees, and gemstone beaded pet collars. Her stones of choice are amethyst, peridot, topaz, garnet, mother of pearl and much more. She also offers a selection of raw amethyst crystal clusters, loose crystals and fossils. Check back often, new items are being added all the time.

Crafting Tip
Decide if you want to make art, or make money. If you want to make money, one thing you will have to consider is how much time it takes to make each item, because if it takes 1 day to make 1 item, think how much you'll have to charge, to pay for your time (say, per hour)! Alternatively, if you want to make art, go ahead and take the time you need to make your art, but remember, at least at first, you might not make as much money! Often you have to sacrifice some of the 'art' in your work for expediency and for making bread and butter money.

Beads of Courage is a unique organization that has built a wonderful arts-in-medicine program for children. Children are given beads to mark milestones in their treatment to honor their courage as they fight their illness. Bead artists from around the world donate beads to the program. Some of those bead artists have consigned pieces which are sold in the Artist Gallery to help fund the program. They offer a wonderful selection of glass and polymer clay beads for sale, including their exclusive Beads in Space.

Bead Selling Tip
If you make and sell handmade beads, consider offering a service to turn any bead into a pendent. It gives you a way to earn a bit more from your beads and allows non-beaders to purchase and enjoy your pieces.