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The wonderful bead making tip posted here is from a wonderful site all about bead making and working with polymer clay. As this category grows, the opportunities to find great bead making tips, websites and online shops will increase. Until then, Ponsawan Sila's bead-making site offers over 50 great tutorials for you to explore.
Polymer Clay Bead Making

Learn the secrets of the experts to make your own amazing beads from polymer clay. This site has almost 50 fully-illustrated tutorials on bead making. From how to measure clay to make uniform beads with a bead roller to making canes and using textures, this site will have you running to find your clay and start creating.

Polymer Clay Tip
When using a pasta machine to seal stacked layers together, don't forget to change the setting to accommodate the increased thickness. Otherwise, the two layers will simply be blended into each other.