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Welcome to a unique collection of jewelry making tips. All of the clever tips shared here are from jewelry making and lapidary suppliers. They offer everything you will need to create your own beaded and gem stone adorned jewelry along with these great jewelry making tips to grow your business..

The jewelry making suppliers listed here literally span the world. Many offer beads and findings you will not find anywhere else. Create a truly unique piece with jewelry making supplies that are not available in your local craft store!

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Jewel Reaper

Jewel Reaper sells turquoise and coral beads, with an occasional silver finding here and there. Shipping is free, regardless of the amount!

Crafting Tip
Gemstones are heavy, especially turquoise. When you're making dangling earrings, resist those large, gorgeous gems! Find small (4mm or less) beads with a delicate faceted cut. Your earlobes will appreciate their weight and their sparkly surface will have admirers stopping to look them over.
Discount Jewelry Making & Craft Supplies

Closeout, liquidation & overstock beading & craft supplies. Deep discount prices on an ever changing selection of beads, charms, findings and a wide variety of craft supplies with no minimum or bulk purchase required.

Thrifty Tip
From drink markers to bracelets, charms are all the craze! The selection of charms available is vast, but sometimes pricey. Consider using miniature ornaments as an economical alternative. They're inexpensive, easily found at your local craft store, and will add a unique element to your "charm"ing designs.
Beada Beada

Beada Beada has been providing wholesale beads since 1975. We have both an online store and a retail/wholesale showroom in Royal Oak, Michigan. We provide retail and wholesale beads including gemstone and semiprecious beads, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal beads, squaredelles and many more. We also have a great selection of findings, chains and beading supplies. Wholesale prices are based on quantity discounts and are available to all of our customers both online and off.

Beading Tip
How to Create Professional-Looking Strings of Beads

Thread your needle with a single strand of beading cord. Position the needle at the half-way point and tie the ends of cord together with a simple overhand knot. You are creating a double thickness of cording while using only a single strand of cord. Add a drop of glue or clear nail polish to secure the knot, allow you to closely trim the ends and prevent fraying.

Use a beadtip as your first bead. Your knot should sit securely in the small cap. After you have finished adding all of your beads, add a second beadtip. Cut the cord and using the two ends, tie a series of single knots (left over right, then right over left) to both position and secure the beadtip. Glue and trim your knot. Hook the beadtip through your clasp and fold closed.
La Vidalerie Jewelry Kits, Supplies & Workshops

We sell beautiful handmade jewellery, our own jewellery making kits, supplies and we run jewellery making workshop holidays in SW France. We are based in the little known and underdeveloped town of Aveyron, a place of stunning views and wild countryside. Our finished jewellery and jewellery kits are made in sterling silver, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. We are currently developing a range of handmade earwires for jewellery makers to make wonderful and truly handmade earrings.

Jewelry Making Tip
Learn to make your own earwires - they will make your creations special, truly unique and stand out from the crowd.
The Cre8iveCircus

This Etsy shop has many fun jewelry and mixed media supplies. Hand selected by a jewelry maker, The Cre8ive Circus carries a wide variety of charms and resin jewelry-making supplies.

Jewelry Designing Tip
When trying to choose jewelry for use with more than one outfit think about a piece that combines different metals and ingredients. A bracelet or earring with a mix of brass, copper, and silver can be worn with more things than if it were only one metal. Choose a necklace with several colors and it will work throughout your wardrobe. Mix up your choices and wear your jewelry more often!
Bedazzle Beads Jewellery Making Supplies

We offer a wide range of great value jewellery making supplies, delivered direct to your door. Take a look at our gorgeous beads, findings, tools, storage and much more, for all your beading needs. We look forward to being of service. If you happen to be in the West Yorkshire, England area, be sure to drop in, explore our shop and sign up for one of our many jewellery-making classes.

Crafting Tip
When threading beads, use a bulldog clip (available from most stationary shops) at the end of your stringing material, to prevent beads from falling off.
Beads and Jewellery Making Kits

Bead shop selling beads, tools and findings for jewellery making and bead jewellery starter kits. Thousands of different beads and pages on jewellery making techniques and tips. Swarovski crystal beads, bali silver beads and glass beads.

Jewelry Making Tip
When designing a necklace in which you wish to incorporate more expensive and spectacular beads, such as Swarovski crystal and Bali Silver beads, sometimes the simplicity of using a single centrepiece, can be much more striking than lacing the entire necklace with large quantities of expensive beads. Focus points are crucial to the visual effectiveness of your designs, and can be achieved economically and efficiently through the use of just one or two particularly impressive items.
Ameritool Inc Lapidary and Jewelry Supply

Lapidary and Glass tools and supplies. Shop for saws, polishing and grinding machines and glass grinders with complete accessories and supplies.

Crafting Tip
Some notes on grinding wheels and setup...although I have heard several people say that they like to minimize grinding steps by spreading the coarseness of the discs out and changing their disc less often, I personally prefer using more discs that are closer together in coarseness, so I spend less time on each grit. I have found that the five discs that are included with most of the small "hobbyist" grinder kits are perfect for what I want to do, taking me quickly from a whole bead to a polished surface with minimal time spent on each progressive polishing step.

Etsy shop full of great deals on jewelry making supplies. Limited quantities of beads, charms, findings and all sorts of jewelry making goodies.

Jewelry Making Tip
If you are making jewelry and cannot decide on a design try using colors or patterns that you do not normally use. You may surprise yourself. Set the pieces aside for a day or two and come back to them. If you decide that you like the design keep it. Do not get too caught up in making the perfect design the first time.
Auntie's Beads & Beading Supplies

Shop for beads, beading supplies and all things jewelry making at including Swarovski crystal, silver jewelry beads, jewelry findings & more.

Crafting Tip
For an antique look to your gold, silver or other metal, you'll need to oxidize your piece. For a cost-efficient way to add this look, remove the shell from a hard-boiled egg and cut it into quarters. Put your jewelry in a sealed container with your egg and remove when adequately oxidized.