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Beaded Flower & Bead Weaving Tips

Professional and hobbiest beaders offer their favorite beaded flower and bead weaving tips with the rest of us. While you learn some of the tricks of the pros, be sure to check out the intricate and beautiful beading patterns they have created and are offering for sale. They offer beading tips, their patterns and a great deal of inspiration for beaders at all skill levels.
French Beaded Flowers

Website offering patterns, guides, and kits to making your own beaded creations. Also offers a great selection of wires and other supplies for making your own projects and links to bead resources.

Beaded Flowers Tip
Beaded flowers can be used in every way you use silk or fresh flowers. The only difference is that it will be many, many years before beaded flowers deteriorate. Therefore, they make great inserts in bridal bouquets, bridal headdresses, hair barrettes, napkin rings, corsages, "potted" window plants, 3D pictures and wall hangings.
Maddiethekat Beaded Designs

Bead Patterns available in both Peyote and Loom. Over 500 patterns and growing. Immediate downloads.

Editor's Note: These are not your typical chandelier style earring patterns for seed beads. This bead artist creates her patterns from photographs and uses the beautiful colors of delica beads to create mini-tapestries like the one shown here.

Bead Weaving Tip
Whenever starting a beadscape peyote wordchart, to make it easier and your beadwork straighter, try using a peyote starter strip. Once you do, you'll never want to start the traditional way again.

Unique bead weaving tutorials with detailed step-by-step photos and instructions that are easy enough to follow for almost any skill level.

Sead Bead Weaving Tip
Berkley FireLine Fused Fishing Line (4 or 6 Pound Test) works great for just about any beading project, especially ones that require multiple passes through the beads. It's durable, doesn't fray or split easily, can be re-threaded multiple times if you have to undo your work and it doesn't need wax. It can be found in the fishing section in some major stores like Dick's Sporting Goods or Wal-Mart and it comes in either Smoke or Crystal color.