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Beading blogs are a wonderful place to find inspiration and more than a little eye candy. These folks provide us all with a sneak peak into their lives and their beading studios. On their beading blogs you will find beading tutorials, beading pattern and book reviews, interviews with other bead artists and a wealth of beading information.

Here you'll find the bloggers favorite beading tips on the creation, use, and care of items constructed from beads and gem stones.
BeadEnCounter Blog

Beading, Beadweaving, and Organizational Software Blog. Pictures of my work, reviews of bead and craft stores, and the travails of creating and marketing a software created for crafters to organize and price their work.

Crafting Tip
A messy workspace leads to frustration, not creativity, for me. Pulling out new items for a new project is exciting, but it can't happen unless the materials from the last project can be put away. There are many tips and storage sources linked on the blog.
Pick expandable storage options so that once you run out of space, you can add another drawer unit or shelf, rather than having to start over with a completely different solution.
Jodie Marshall Lampwork Beads & Wearable Art

This beading blog is maintained by the bead artist Jodie Marshall. She makes lampwork beads, does beadweaving and does bead embroidery. Can you tell this is a lady who loves all things bead? She even offers a number of great free beading tutorials. Be sure to check out her beaded cuff tutorial.

Beading Tip
When sandwiching a flat beaded piece onto a cuff blank, use a bit of E6000 glue to tack each of the layers together. It will make it so much easier for you to stitch all of the layers together without having to wrestle with everything to keep it aligned.

This wonderful beading blog has it all - beading challenges, tutorials, pattern reviews and more beaded eye candy than you can shake a stick at. It is one of those blogs that you'll find yourself digging through and suddenly it's an hour later. Amy sells beaded jewelry but this is certainly not one of those vanity blogs that only has posts that promote their own work.

Selling Beaded Items Tip
It's a good idea to bring a few lower-priced items to a craft show but it is far more profitable to bring more expensive pieces. Amy admits to learning the hard way that having dozens of cheaper items isn't the secret to sales. Quality is what sells and it's worth it to invest the time and materials into better pieces.


So many of us have been inspired to bead after a visit to a beading shop. Rowena started her beading adventures by making lampwork beads. A year-long seed bead class changed her focus to beadweaving and creating all sorts of amazing pieces from her own beads, seed beads and wonderful beads from all over the world. She shares her beautiful work and introduces us to other talented bead artists on her beading blog.

Bead Making Tip
A great way to preserve memories of a favorite relative is to turn a piece of their china into a cabochon and bead around it to create a piece of jewelry that can be treasured for years to come.


Such a talented family is behind Pixybug Designs. While Stephanie and Chris are the only ones making lovely things to sell, their daughter is an award-winning marble designer as well. The couple make and design jewelry, beads and marbles. They have a wonderful beading blog where they share their artistic and personal lives with the rest of us.

Selling Beadwork Tip
If you plan on selling handmade items in another state, research their tax laws. Some states will require you to sign up for a separate tax id number.