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Professional organizations, forums and other places to meet fellow beading and lapidary enthusiasts. Learn great tips on selling your hand-crafted items, finding raw source materials and hone your craft or perhaps share a few beading and lapidary tips of your own.

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UK Beaders Forum

Share tips and techniques on beading and jewelry making in our forum. Forum members share information on making and using beads, selling handmade items in the UK, UK craft and bead fairs, and rate beading suppliers.

Jewelry Making Tip
Save all your silver and gold scraps from your wire wrapping projects. When you've collected a handful of mistakes and trimmings, you can turn them in to a jeweler, or mail them off, and they pay you for your scraps.
Lapidary & Gemstone Community Forum

A community forum for lapidaries of every imaginable gemstone related niche to gather. Sharing a great many topics. Generally beginning with discoveries of various minerals, cutting, shaping and finishing cabochons right on up to and including the designing of jewelry and other gemstone related artwork.

Lapidary Tip
It is important to create at least a slight dome to the surface of your cab. A completely flat cab will not polish at the center of it's surface.