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Free Beading Tips

This is one of the most popular sections of Crafty Tips. I have to admit that I love creating things with beautiful beads of all shapes and sizes too. How lucky are we that so many talented beaders have shared their favorite beading and bead weaving tips with us?
And, as if all their great beading tips weren't enough to keep us happily playing with our colorful bits of glass, gemstones, clay and acrylic, they also have sites slam full of free beading patterns for us to try!
Eureka! Beads - Free Beading Instructions

Huge range of free beading instructions, including instructions for magnetic wraps, tigertail chokers, crystal earrings, chain bracelets and more. We also have a full online store, where you can find the glass beads, findings, semi precious beads and more needed for your project.

Beading Tip
To finish an elastic beading project, either add a clasp using crimps (be aware that this will weaken the elastic), or tie a strong knot, dabbing a little clear nail polish or glue to strengthen.
Free Jewelry Beading Patterns

This site shares over 40 free beading patterns. Patterns include plenty of pictures so that even beginning beaders will be able to create their own beaded jewelry. Instructions include bead suggestions and substitution recommendations. Site includes a gallery of beaded jewelry others have created from these patterns. Be sure to check out Ruby's book, "Beading with Ruby ~ A Beginner's guide to creating beautiful beaded jewelry" to find 30 more beading patterns and tips on crafting with beads.

Beading Tip
Depending on what beads you've used, you may have to increase or decrease the amount of beads in the last 2 rows, or you may have to increase or decrease the number of rows you use. For instance, Japanese size 11 beads are slightly larger than size 11 Czech beads, or Delicas.

If you don't have any size 15.0 beads, you can use Charlottes, which are size 13, but you may have to adjust the count when you use those too. Since the beading takes so little time, it's easy to tear our a row or two to make adjustments.
Free Bead Patterns by Robyn

Robyn offers a number of well-illustrated step-by-step beading techniques. These projects mainly use seed beads and druks to make a variety of necklaces and bracelets.

Beading Tip
Car upholstery thread is a great alternative to beading thread. In fact, I prefer it.
My Amari Beading Tutorials & Patterns

You'll find free seed bead patterns and tutorials along with interviews with a variety of talented beaders on this bead artist's blog. She offers seed bead patterns including ones that will teach you how to bead around a cameo, how to make a double row flat spiral stitch and even how to make a beaded candy cane.

Seed Beading Tip
When beading with needle and thread, make sure to pull the thread tight between stitches as with use the stitches will tend to loosen slightly.

Learn how to bead around a cabochon with my easy to follow beading tutorial. There's several other great tutorials along with a number of free patterns. Editor's Note: The artist also shares some of her award-winning beadwork to inspire the bead lover in all of us.

Bead Weaving Tip
Try doing the right angle stitch with 2 needles - you will be amazed how much faster it is than using only one needle.


This site has tutorials on how to make tubular peyote, spiral rope chain, tubular net, loomwork and Cheyenne/Brick stitch. Each technique is presented in the form of a project how to.

Bead Weaving Tip
When using a beading loom, add 3-4 inches to the length of your warp threads to achieve the desired length for the finished piece.


First published in 1989, the Guide to Beadwork was sold through beading stores in the northwest corner of the United States. The author, Greg Vinson still sells printed copies of his book but has made it available online for free. He covers the chevron chain and daisy chains and the flower, twill, gourd, brick and lace stitches. Along with all of the wonderful and well-illustrated instruction on beading, Greg has assembled what must be the largest list of beading stores and suppliers on the web.

Beading Tip
Rather than knot or burn the end of your thread, weave the end through your beaded piece by traveling through the beads and doubling back on the same path. This will provide a bit of give and flexibility to your piece as well as leave no unsightly knots or burned bits.


Beaded animals, Pokemon characters, teddy bears, cartoon characters, assorted critters, stars are just some of the over 200 free beadie patterns on this site. This website is a virtual treasure trove of cute and clever beaded charms.

Beading Tip
When beading with pony beads, use a bit of transparent tape on the ends of your beading cord to keep the cord from fraying and to make a point to insert into the beads.


A wonderful bead shop from Oregon that offers their beads and findings for sale online as well as a huge collection of free projects and beading patterns. The projects are fully illustrated and well-explained and offer a large variety of pieces. Beads are offering singly, by the strand, by weight or by count.

Crafting Tip
To make a necklace using ultrasuede, slide the end of the suede through a soldered ring. Fold the suede over the ring leaving about a half inch tail. Use 24 guage wire to attach the tail to the main strand and secure the ring by tightly wrapping the wire around the tail and main strand.


Arleen Hardin shares a number of free beading tutorials. She covers how to make brickstitch, ladder stitch, flat peyote (even and odd count) and several original designs. Patterns and tutorials are available in printable/online form and as PDF files.

Beading Tip
When working with beadwork patterns, I use one of those magnetic pattern holders designed for cross stitching. I use the smaller magnet to secure the my beading pattern and the larger magnet to mark the row that I am working on.