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Videos, instructions and supplies for people who are interested in rock tumbling. We also carry a huge selection of tumbled stones for jewelry and other craft projects.

Rock Tumbling Tip
Tumbled glass can be used to make beautiful jewelry and many other craft projects. It is a great way to make something wonderful out of something that would have been thrown away.
Tumbling the glass is easy using a rock tumbler and inexpensive supplies. You can produce "frosted" glass gems that resembles the "sea glass" found at beaches, brilliantly polished baubles or finishes with a luster in between. That's the advantage of doing it yourself.
Our favorite is a brilliantly polished piece of tumbled glass made into a pendant!

A pair of trips to Ascension Island, bits of obsidian and a beginner's stone polishing kit began it all. Years later Derek shares some of his techniques and strategies for cutting, grinding and polishing stones.

Stone Polishing Tip
A wet saw designed to cut ceramic tile, when used with a diamond blade works great for cutting large stones.