Wire Wrapping

handmade wire wrapped artisan jewelry

Wire Wrapping Tips

Thin wires, beads and gemstones are put together in magical ways by the jewelry artists showcased here. Almost all of them offer their creations for sale and some provide information on learning the art of wire wrapping and how to create your own beautiful jewelry. To get you started, they've all shared some of their favorite wire wrapping tips.

Did you know that there are examples of wire and beaded jewelry in the British Museum that date back to the Sumerian Dynasty? Did you know that wire wrapping originated from a time when techniques for soldering did not exist? Did you also know that wire wrapped jewelry can generally be purchased from an individual artist and that there is virtually no mass-production of wire jewelry?

Along with their great websites and sample photographs of their beautiful work, all the jewelry makers have included their favorite jewelry-making and wire wrapping tips.

Pretty Cheap Jewelry

BARGAIN LOVER? I handmake jewelry and charge too little! See for yourself the many classy styles at $5, $6 and $7. Nothing is cheap except the price: stone, swarovski crystal, pearl, shell, gold plate, sterling silver and more.

Be sure to check out my Recycled Guitar String Bangle Bracelets, Rock Star Recycled Guitar String Choker and Earring Set.


Jewelry Making Tip
Got guitar strings? Reuse as beading wire!
Wire Wrapped Jewelry by Cheryl Coccaro

Beautiful handmade wire wrapped jewelry with gemstones, beads and dichroic glass. Handcrafted in the USA by GWC.

Ear Wire Making Tip
To create your own ear wires, use a ball point pen barrel, or a wooden dowel in the size your desire.

Cut 2 1/2" of21 gauge wire and make a small loop on one end. Then place wire over dowel and in one swift movement, bring wire over the dowel and down to the other side.

Decide how long you want the end to be and then make a sharp bend.

Use flush nose cutters to snip off the remaining wire.
Craft Cove

Handmade wire-wrapped jewellry from Australia. I make necklaces, chokers, bracelets and earrings; traditional wire wrapped pieces along with chainmail jewellry. Custom pieces available upon request.

Jewelry Designing Tip
Don't be afraid to try different styles. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean others won't.
Wire Wrap Jewelry by Wrapped to Go

Creative and unique designs in handmade jewelry using precious metal wire to wrap gemstones, pearls and beads into wearable works of art

Jewelry Cleaning Tip
A great way to clean and remove tarnish from silver jewelry - use an old toothbrush and toothpaste!
Superior Agates Wire Wrapped Gemstone Jewelry

I surround natural stones with sterling, gold filled, brass, and copper wire to create beautiful pendants and necklaces.

Crafting Tip
Support your fellow crafters by showing link love through Facebook, Twitter and your own websites.
Pixe's Treasure Chest

I design and create handcrafted artisan jewelry using a palette of sterling silver, copper, and semi precious gemstones. I also fabricate most of the components used to make my jewelry, such as, headpins, earring wires, clasps, and links! Most of my pieces are inspired by Mother Nature, all are unique!

Crafting Tip
1. Always remember when using flush wire cutters, one side makes a flush cut, the other a bevelled cut. I did not learn this early on! So...flush cut the wire that will be used in your piece. You may have to make an extra small cut. Your finished piece will look much more professional!
2. A cup bur with a wooden handle is my favorite multi functional tool for making earwires: I shape the earwires around the wooden handle, then clean the end of the earring wire with the bur!
Unity Store

Handmade wire wrapped jewelry from Romania. Daniela Culicencu creates custom jewelry items and Feng-Shui Trees of gemstone chips and wire.

Crafting Tip
When ordering jewelry, be sure to measure your wrist, neck or finger to ensure the item will fit properly.
DZI Designs Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

DZI Designs offers a selection of wire wrapped jewelry created and designed by Janette Willingham. Janette uses a variety of metals, stones and beads to create each piece. She accepts custom orders and ships world-wide from her studio in Carl Junction, Missouri.

Wire Wrapping Tip
When sculpting with wire, always wear safety glasses.
Ickynicks Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry in gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel for weddings and other special occasions. Marilyn believes that jewelry should look and feel like art - never clunky or heavy. Her "lightweight jewelry" has few beads and other distractions. You will also find a selection of wired earrings designed for people with stretched ear piercings that have been stretched and healed to hold thick wire earrings.

Crafting Tip
Don't get discouraged when designs do not turn out exactly as you had envisioned them. I've learned that when working with wire, yesterday's failed design might turn into your best seller or a great component to add to another piece.