Learn about the growing of little trees. Bonsai is one of the most rewarding hobbies, but is one that requires knowledge and skill. The sites in this group offer free bonsai tips, instructional guides for sale, and all the supplies needed to care and grow your own bonsai.

All the website owners have included their favorite crafty tips on the care, training, and displaying of bonsai trees.
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Bonsai Trees

Bonsai plant material, planting stones, books, videos and everything else the beginner or bonsai master needs to grow and create this living art form. Finished bonsai also available for sale.

Bonsai Tip
Be a maverick with some decisions. The best bonsai inspire us to imagine an aged tree in miniature, rather than reminding us that what we are looking at is a created bonsai. A tree should reflect one's artistic interpretation of a piece of living sculptural.

This informative bonsai site is brimming with information on growing and caring for bonsai trees. From the basics every bonsai enthusiast should know to advanced techniques, this site offers something for everyone. A species guide, also available in .mobi format for use by mobile phone users, will assist both the new and experienced bonsai grower in selecting their next tree. Be inspired by the bonsai gallery with participants from all over the world who share their love of growing little trees.

Bonsai Tip
Never water a bonsai on a scheduled basis. Trees should be checked daily and only watered when the planting medium has begun to dry out.
MelloBonsai Premium Bonsai Trees and Supplies

A great site to learn more about bonsai and to buy bonsai trees and supplies. We have a wide selection of bonsai trees and pots for you to choose from along with a knowledge base to learn how to care for your trees.

Bonsai Tip
For proper proportion a bonsai tree should be paired with a pot that is .67 times the tree's height or width (whichever is larger). In addition, ceramic pots are usually selected for show trees whereas mica is often used for training.
Bonsai How To

People starting out with Bonsai will need to learn about pruning, wiring, re-potting as well as tips on displaying their Bonsai, seasonal care and more. Please visit RainingBonsai for more information.

Bonsai Tip
The formal upright style of Bonsai, where the trunk is perfectly straight and upright, tapering evenly to the top, is a good choice for beginners.
Bonsai Care For The Rest Of Us

Great tips and tricks from the bonsai people. Learn to water correctly, fertilize, prune and sculpt your bonsai like the pros.

Bonsai Growing Tip
How to reduce leaf size: first check the species of your tree to make sure you can safely defoliate it. Then in the beginning of the growing season, defoliate the tree completely. When the leaves start to grow back, begin picking them off every time they get about half the normal size. Doing this continually will reduce the amount of energy the tree has to work with and therefore it will begin to produce smaller leaves.Hope this was helpful, and come and see us sometime.
Happy Bonsai

As professional bonsai dealers, we only sell the highest quality of trees and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Bonsai Tip
Watering your bonsai after letting the soil get somewhat dry will allow air to circulate around the roots. Watering you bonsai while the soil is still moist can lead to root rot and the death of your tree.