Book Making & Binding

bookmaking as a craft
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Book Making & Binding

Tutorials and guides, paper, and all the things needed to make and bind your own books and journals.

All the website owners have also included their favorite bookmaking tips on creating hand-made journals, books, and other bound items.

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Make Your Own Journal

Make your own hand-sewn journal with this highly-detailed and easy-to-follow tutorial. The instructions are fully illustrated so that ever the first time bookmaker can make their own journal.

Journal Binding Tip
When making the book cover try to use a medium weight fabric such as cotton, as a heavyweight fabric will be difficult to glue down and a lightweight fabric may show glue seeping through.
Move the Needle

Online business that sells journals and other paper crafts.

Book Binding Tip
One of the best tools for paper crafts and bookbinding is a bone folder. It helps make perfect creases when folding paper. Also, if you're using binder's board, I always like to sand it after I cut it to make sure it's really smooth.