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Crafting as a Business

Many crafters are supplementing or making their incomes with their crafts. Find informational sites that help crafters to transition from hobbiests to owners; business advice, small business opportunities and information on creating a small business online. They share their experiences and teach others how they too can make crafting profitable.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips.

Please Note: This category is intended to only list those websites that offer suggestions and products to help crafters market their wares. CraftyTips will not accept sites that offer website design or other general business solutions unless their site indicates they specialize in assisting professional crafters.
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Craft Business Home

The free guide on how to turn your craft into a profitable home business! Starting and being successful at your home business with crafts: the what/why/where/when and HOW! Have fun and make money!

Running a Craft Business Tip
Your existing customers can tell you so much about your target market. Find out more about them to be able to find more customers who will buy from you. For example, where do they shop, what do they read, what do they buy, why do they buy, how much do they spend, and so on. Use this information to build a profile of your target market, which will help you to market better to them and find more customers. Once you know more about your customers, find creative ways to sell more to them!
How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit

My 184 page guide “How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit” reveals everything you need to know to create amazing gifts for your friends and family or to start your own candy bouquet business!

Candy Bouquet Tip
You can build a candy bouquet in any container (mugs, cups, vases, baskets, a teapot, sundae glasses, flower pots, etc.)

If you are a gift shop owner or run a gift basket business, candy bouquets will be a great addition to your business!
Rexan's Craft Organizer-Digital Organization for ALL Crafters

Let's get organized! Crafters want to go digital to save valuable space, a quick find, and make more time to craft. Rexan's Craft Organizer is designed for crafters. It's easy to use, do it once and you are always organized plus the scan program is already built it. Organize files, patterns, templates, magazine articles & clippings, photos, instructions and much more.

Organizing Your Craft Supplies Tip
If you are like me, I subscribe to several magazines which can take up a lot of room to store. Go through your magazines and cut out your favorite articles, pictures, or how-to-instructions. Recycle the rest of the magazine. By doing this, you are "going green" which is important to our planet.
Free Craft Fair

Business resources for Crafters. offers articles, tools, promotion ideas, and a variety of other free resources to crafters working from their homes. Craft Happy!

Painting Tip
Create a portable work surface by laying down some newspaper or wax paper in a cookie sheet and do all your painting and gluing on the cookie sheet. This is handy because when you are done and need to set the project aside to dry, it is simple to move the cookie sheet to a safe location.
Home Jewelry Business Success Tips

Discover and share new ideas for selling your handmade jewelry. This friendly, creative website has over a thousand pages of articles, tips, and ideas for starting and growing your own successful handmade jewelry business. Learn how to sell your jewelry in all sorts of venues - including the Internet, shops and galleries, craft shows, home parties, etc. Also discover how to photograph your jewelry, write product descriptions, create your own jewelry business cards and jewelry tags, and more.

Craft Photography Tip
If you're having trouble getting good photos of your jewelry, try using your computer's scanner instead of a digital camera. For small, fairly flat items like jewelry, you can often get really great shots simply by arranging your item on the scanner's glass, closing the lid, draping a dark cloth over the scanner to prevent any extra light from getting in - and scanning it! If you want to add a different background, you can carefully place a piece of fabric, scrapbooking paper, etc. on top of the jewelry you've arranged on the scanner glass.
Liability Insurance for Crafters

Our ACT Insurance Program provides craft fair insurance from 1 to 90 days show. Call us 866-395-1308 and we will help you with your craft fair insurance questions!

Crafting Tip
Our team is very creative... So we enjoy getting crafty together! It's always so much fun! Why not invite friends and family over to a crafting party?
Shop Resource

Shop Resource offers "The Language of Description: An Etsy Seller’s Word Reference Guide" E-Book. This quick-reference word guide helps Etsy and other online sellers write clear and compelling product descriptions for their art and craft items. The categorized word lists include words that describe the physical attributes of items, action words that describe what the item will do, list of art styles and style subcultures, definitions of style categories and more.

Crafting Tip
If you sell your work online or through a catalog, you have to write lively and interesting descriptions of your products. It can be very difficult to accurately describe and sing the praises of your own creations. You need to be objective, but also passionate and engaging. Create a worksheet for yourself that asks the following questions, and then try to answer them. What does it look like? Describe size, dimension, weight, shape, form, color, finish, pattern. Be creative. Is it simply large, or is it roomy or spacious or tremendous? Instead of green, is it emerald or spring green or moss green? How does it feel? Describe touch and texture. Is it crisp or delicate or feathery or velvety? What are some adjectives that describe it? Make a list. Is it just beautiful, or is it awe-inspring or dazzling or dreamy? What are it's intangible qualities? It's ambience, it's magic, it's undertones? What will it do for the buyers? What will they do with it? How will it enhance their lives? Will they cherish it? Will it harmonize or energize? What style is it? Is it Boho or Glam or Shabby or Rustic? What types of people will love it? Mothers? Young people? Teachers? Urban? Gardeners? After you work through these questions, compile your answers for a more thorough and interesting description of your art piece or product. Be sure to keep a record or database of your descriptions for use in different venues.

The Chicago Artist's Coalition is dedicated to building a sustainable marketplace for entrepreneurial artists and creatives. They offer a number of workshops throughout the year and have been working since 1974 to build a supportive peer network for creatives in the Chicago area.

Craft Business Tip
Be sure to check what resources are available to artisans from your state. Many states offer advice and assistance in advertising, networking and building a business.