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Many univeristies, tourism bureaus, and other government and private organizations offer exceptional articles on crafting as a business. These sites often offer only a single page of information, but the information is quite useful for crafters and contain general information as well as information specific to marketing crafts in a particular area.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips.

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A research team from Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska gathered information from more than 1400 individuals on ways to improve the marketing of crafts and other products to tourists. This article contains information on what tourists are buying, how they find places to buy crafts, where they shop for crafts, their budget for crafty items, their criteria for selecting crafts to purchase, what types of tourists buy which type of crafts, and a host of additional useful information for marketing crafts.
February 7, 2012 - The University has reorganized their site and I am unable to find the new location for this article (assuming it made the transition). Thankfully, it is still available via which is where the link that accompanies this listing will now take you.

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Successful craft producers promoted themselves and their products by: - providing business cards and hang tags - signing their work - using a logo - offering limited edition information - providing written biographical data


This article, written by the Arkansas Small Business Development Center, discusses several formulas that crafters user to calculate price. It includes a list of costs that should be considered before pricing any of your items. This site also offers many other articles on starting and running your own small business with a section on home-based businesses that includes this and several other crafts-related articles.

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Before deciding to move from hobbiest for professional crafter, there are two important questions to ask yourself before deciding to enter the marketplace:

-Is my work good enough in design and quality to compete in the crafts marketplace?

-Can I produce efficiently in sufficient quantity to make a decent profit?


The Mississippi State University Extension Service offers this comprehensive guide for home-based sewing businesses. Topics discussed include, licenses and regulations, insurance, pricing, sewing for profit, teaching sewing for profit, marketing and just about everything you need to get started building your home-based sewing business.
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Did you know that "Federal laws require wearing apparel be permanently labeled with the following information: care procedures, manufacturer's name or registered number, and country of origin. In addition, fiber content must be labeled."