Cake Decorating Supplies

Cake pans, molds and dyes are just some of the tools of the trade you can find from this group. Everything you need for your next edible masterpiece delivered right to your door.

Make cupcakes? Check out the great decorative cup cake holders one of our clever crafters makes.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips for decorating cakes for any occasion.

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Kids Cakes

Make your cakes and cupcakes special with handmade fondant decorations from Kids Cakes. Personalize any special occasion with coordinating cake decorations, cupcake decorations and cupcake wrappers.

Cake Decorating Tip
Use a thin layer of frosting under fondant to help it stick to the cake. If you're placing white fondant on chocolate cake, use a white frosting under the fondant so that the cake does not show through.
Cake Supplies For Less

We supply any of the Wilton decorating supplies, even if not listed on our site. Our prices are at least 10% off of the suggested retail. Our specialty is novelty cake pans and molds but we also carry standard cake pans, cake decorating tools, cookie cutters and other supplies.

Thrifty Tip
We find that the cake pans, especially the character cake pans, can double as plaster-of-paris molds for craft projects or concrete molds to be used for stepping stones. The trick is to not completely fill the cake pans.
Yummy Cuppy Crafts

Custom cupcake wrappers as well as a large variety of handcrafted items.

  • Kissing Ball Ornaments
  • Hair Clips
  • Hawaiian Leis
  • Patriotic Decor
  • and much much more!

Thrifty Crafting Tip
I love to recycle and UPcycle items in my craft supply collection.
Use an edgeless can opener when opening your soup cans. If they have tab tops, try to open from the bottom. Clean out the cans, remove labels, then fill with cookies, or small presents. Glue bottom back on the filled can (the top tab to open the can is still intact). Decorate the outside with craft paper and embellishments. Attach a tag that says, "pull tab to open" to reveal the contents!
Totally Sugar Crafts

We are passionate about baking and want to ensure that everything you make turns out as beautiful as possible. We offer a large variety of cake decorating and home baking supplies for cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Check out our site for great recipes, inspiration and icing tips.

Piped Icing on Cupcakes Tip
How to pipe the perfect cupcake swirl.
  1. Achieving the professional swirl is so simple.
  2. Take a Wilton 1M piping nozzle and bag and fill the bag half way with buttercream.
  3. Fold or twist the end to close the bag and hold with your writing hand. Using the other hand rest the bag with this.
  4. Pipe an outer circle around the cupcake. To finish a circle gently push down on the overlap and lift off.
  5. Then pipe slightly on top of the outer circle an inner circle. Again, once you reach the middle push down and lift off to finish.
Final Tip! When Piping allow the icing to fall onto the cake this ensures greater control. This is true of all piping.
Cake Decorating Store

Online shop selling supplies and equipment for decorating cakes and cupcakes. We stock sugarpaste, sprinkles and colours as well as equipment such as modelling tools, bakeware and cases.

Make Your Own Cupcake Stand Tip
Making your own cupcake stand is a great way saving money, getting creative as well as making something personal. The folks at the Cake Decorating Store have provided a great tutorial on making your own.
Click the Additional Details button to see even more of the great Make Your Own Cupcake Stand Crafty Tip this crafter has shared.
MakeBake Cake Decoration Supplies

MakeBake is one of the largest cake decorating shops in the UK. They offer anything a cake baker would want to decorate their cakes; including edible printers and printing supplies, cake flavorings, display stands and Sugarcraft. Their team of experienced cake decoration experts can provide you with advice for staging the perfect event where your confectioneries are the true guest of honor. They ship worldwide and offer a variety of secure payment methods. Free delivery in the UK with minimum purchase.

Baking Tip
When baking make sure your cakes are in the centre of the oven. If they are right at the back or are placed on different racks they may bake unevenly!