Calligraphy Blogs

Calligraphy Blogs

Visiting the calligraphy blogs participating on Crafty Tips will quickly show that calligraphers are true artists. Sure they create beautiful invitations for the most special occasions in our lives. But, they also create some inspiring artwork that combines their decorative letters with materials that are far from limited to paper. What would you say if you knew one of the artists here has used rusty snow chains in her work? How about twigs? What if they created three-dimensional pieces that could rival the work of sculptors? Visit their sites, check out their work and the work of the calligraphers that they share with the rest of us. Trust me, it's worth the trip.

Beyond looking at their lovely work, all of the calligraphy bloggers share their joys and frustrations in their professional and personal lives. You can look over their shoulder at their works in progress and pick up more than a few calligraphy tips and tricks. To get you started, the site owners have shared some of their favorite calligraphy tips here on Crafty Tips.

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The Calligraphy Blog

This wonderful calligraphy blog is like a free masterclass in the art of calligraphy. Learn from a highly trained illuminated manuscript artist Angela Lucas. From ink, pen and paper selection to techniques for lettering with gouache and page layout there's surely something here you haven't seen before. The instructions are fully illustrated and easy to follow.

Calligraphy Tip
If you make a mistake, never try making the correction on your final project without experimenting first. Get a scrap piece of the same paper and use the same ink and then try your method of repair. That way you'll not ruin the original if your first idea doesn't work or it would be better to just start over.

This calligraphy blog showcases the work of Fiona Dempster. She is a calligraphic and book artist based in Maleny, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Her love of artistic expression in all forms shines through her posts. Her blog is thoughtful, contemplative and sophisticated and yet it remains quite approachable. You'll easily find yourself several posts in before you realize you had even planned on sticking around.
Fiona's work is not that of a traditional calligrapher. She works with metal, timber and Perspex to provide a canvas for her art as well as papers of all kinds.

Calligraphy Tip
This calligraphy tip is a bit of a recent discovery. Just about every calligrapher has those nibs that they can't bear to give up even though they have become a bit rusty. Make a strong cup of tea. No, not to drink but to remove the rust from your nibs. You'll be amazed as you watch the rust literally flake off of your nibs. There's a bit of wonderful chemistry that goes on that makes this happen. Remove whatever little bits of rust remain with some steel wool and your nibs will be ready for your next project.