Candlemaking Supplies

Candlemaking Supplies

Parrafin, scents, wax molds, or whatever else you need to make your candles can be found here. Many suppliers here specialize in hard to find and original candlemaking supplies.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips for the care, use, and making of candles.
Nu-Scents Candle Making Supplies

We are the Midwest’s largest distributor of candle making and soap making supplies including fragrance oils, candle wax, soap base, dye, candle and soap molds, and more. Our goal is to assist you in making the finest quality candles, soap and bath and body products at the lowest prices with fast shipping and friendly customer service.

Wicking a Candle Tip
How to Wick a Candle Mold

1. Using the mold as a guide, measure a section of uncoiled wicking and trim to a length about 6 inches longer than the height of the container.

2. Make a two-inch loop at one end of the wick.

3. Position a small stick across the wick at the mid-way point of your loop.

4. Fold the loop in half around the stick.

5. Take the opposite end of the wick and going over the stick pull it through the loop and pull it tight to create a slipknot around the stick.

6. Thread the end of the wick not tied to the stick through the small hole at the bottom of your mold. Continue feeding the wick into your mold until the end of the wick reaches the large opening. Grasp this section and gently pull your wick until there is only 1 inch of wick between the bottom of your mold and the small stick. Don't forget that the "bottom" part of your mold will be the top of your finished candle and your wick should be trimmed further prior to using the finished candle.

7. Take a piece of mold sealer about the size of a wad of chewed bubble gum and flatten until it is approximately 1/4 thick. Ensure the piece is flat with no air pockets or thin spots otherwise hot wax may seep through it.

8. Place the mold sealer at the bottom of the mold on the wick, molding it fully around the wick and over the hole. Make sure that the mold sealer covers the hole and wick uniformly and tightly.

9. Pull on the end of the wick that is at the large opening of your mold. You want to get the small stick with the knot firmly positioned into the mold sealer. Press down tightly on the sealer and the stick to ensure an even tighter seal.

10. Place your mold on a level countertop with the large opening at the top.

11. Pull the wick to make it taut. Lay a wick rod across the large opening of your mold and wrap the wick around it, making sure to keep the wick taut and centered in your mold. Use a binder clip to secure the wick around the wick rod.

Congratulations! You have just wicked your mold, and you are now ready to begin pouring your candle!
The Candlemakers Store

The Candlemakers Store has available all of the candle making supplies needed to create your own high quality candles.

Crafting Tip
When mixing waxes, oils and additives for candle making, make your calculations using weight rather than volumes or liquid measures.