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Victorian Cards - Handmade Greeting Cards Using an Antique Postcard

All these handmade one-of-a-kind greeting cards are made with an original antique postcards from the early 1900s. I only use original postcards, never reproductions or color copies. The categories for these cards include: all occasion, birthday, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Valentines, Easter, and funny cards. Very unique and special!

Thrifty Tip
If you are just starting a particular craft and need a lot of supplies, keep watching for online coupon discounts to save you money!
Kalico Kards

We specialize in handmade personalized greeting cards & keepsakes with unique fabric designs and handprinted messages that "warm the heart and tickle the spirit" - 80 new cards have just been added with "bundle" pricing - the more cards you buy the less they are! We can also customize and personalize gift packages for any occasion of your choice by including cards & framed keepsakes along with other related items.... and we ship free anywhere in the USA!

Paper Crafting Tip
Use aluminum foil to sharpen punches, decorative scissors and your paper cutter for nice sharp cuts.
Handmade Cards

Handmade Cards Direct from Helen Porter, who makes thoughtful handmade cards and handmade wedding stationery. She goes beyond the standard templates to create attractive designs that are often kept and framed after the occasion.

Card Making Tip
Try to create your handmade card from a number of layers that build upon each other, adding depth and interest beyond a simple flat card.
Making Birthday Cards

Learn how to make homemade birthday cards. Our site offers card making ideas, card sketches, birthday sayings and free birthday card printables.

Paper Crafting Tip
Have you come across paper templates and wonder how you can make a longer-lasting template? Here's what you can do: 1. Cut out the chosen image from the template with scissors. 2. Paper templates aren't sturdy enough, so find a piece of cardboard such as an empty cereal box. 3. Place the paper template on top of the cardboard. Hold your paper template in place and draw around it with a pencil. 4. Remove the paper template and start to cut out the traced image from the cardboard. 5. Instead of a flimsy paper template, you now have a sturdy cardboard template to last you for quite some time.
Do it Yourself Invitations

Ideas, tips, and step by step instructions to make your own unique handmade invitations for your upcoming wedding, baby shower, birthday, or party.

Card Making Tip
When making your own cards and invitations, take your unfinished invitations to a local printing shop to have them cut to size. This will give your cards a finished, professional-looking edge at a great price; plus it will save you a lot of time and effort over cutting them yourself.
Dolce Press :: Design Studio & Letterpress Stationery

We are letterpress print shop and graphic design studio that specializes in custom letterpress stationery, invitations, announcements, and imprintables. Located in Ithaca, NY we work closely with our clients to create one-of-a-kind designs that compliment your event or occasion. For more information visit our website and blog at or send us an email at

Letterpress Tip
To create letterpress cards with a deep impression, make sure to use soft thick paper (such as Crane's Lettra) and put adequate packing in your press until you achieve the desired level of impression. Once you achieve the level of impression, add ink and print. When printing a large area of text or solid color you may need to allow the rollers to ink the form twice before taking an impression on the paper.

Follow the adventures of this card artist and designer on a blog chock full of paper crafting ideas and inspiration.

Card Making Competitions Tip
When entering card making competitions, make up more than one version of your card and then pick the best one to submit. Make sure it's neat and tidy, friends and family won't spot little mistakes but an expert judge will.
Wedding Invitation Ideas

Design, create and make your own wedding invitations. There are lots of design ideas and printable invitation templates for your do it yourself wedding invitations, including plenty of free ones too! So have fun, be creative and save yourself a fortune.

Card Making Tip
When printing out on vellum paper, always use the 'draft' or 'fast' setting, it will ensure the ink dries quicker. Be sure to remove each piece of vellum off the printer immediately to prevent them stacking - this will stop them smudging.
Free Printable Greeting Cards

A collection of free printable greeting cards from the photography studio of Richard Nickson.

Greeting Cards Tip
To achieve the best possible results when using stock images for greeting cards, print the images on white card stock and trim to size.
The Spotted Sparrow

Card making, paper craft, and altered art projects and tutorials.

Rubber Stamping Tip
Store your stamp pads upside-down. This will keep all the ink at the surface of the pad.