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Paper Crafts Suppliers

Paper, die cuts, templates and more! These websites offer some of the best paper crafts supplies available. Find that perfect something to make your next handmade card or stationary truly unique.

All the website owners have also included their favorite paper crafting tips.

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The Craft Cabin

Our family-run craft business specializes in card making, scrapbooking, DIY wedding stationery crafts, paper crafting & card craft supplies. Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter with competitions, card making ideas, wedding templates, scrapbook projects, workshops, classes & free demo’s.

Shrink Plastic Tip

Editor's Note: A special thank you to the Craft Cabin for writing not only a tip, but this wonderful article on using Shrink Plastic!

Using Shrink Plastic

Types of shrink plastic:

There are various products from different companies including unsanded, sanded, in black, white, frosted and clear & now even pre-printed & wallpaper. The plastic shrinks to approx 45% of the original size.

Black - shrinks the fastest and the 'gooiest'; white - good for clear, sharp colours and using with pencils; frosted - one side ready roughened with a clear back for 'window' designs, and totally clear for a variety of effects.

If not bought ready sanded you will need to sand the plastic first using 320 - 400 grade wet and dry paper for best results and sanding both ways and both sides if you wish to colour the back as well. Sanding the back also helps to avoid sticking when heating. Do not sand clear plastic or it will have a frosted instead of clear appearance.


The most important thing to remember is that the colour intensifies after shrinking so 'less is more', go easy or your results will be very dark. A few trial runs and a little practice you will find the right balance.

Think shrink, think non-porous?

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Wild Paper - Handmade Paper for Every Occasion

Beautiful handmade paper and handmade greeting cards from Wildpaper - our cards are made from the finest materials, raw silk, handspun wool and handmade paper dyed with natural dyes. The result is a card to be treasured.

Card Making Tip
Wallpaper paste is a good adhesive for sticking threads and small pieces of fabric to cards.
Cardcraft Plus

Cardcraft Plus is a market leader in the card making field, specialising in die-cut decoupage and foiled cards. With many special offers available, we offer the best quality products for making truly unique and personal greetings cards at great value prices.

Thrifty Paper Crafting Tip
Never throw your offcuts or pieces of 'waste' paper and card away as they can always be used with your punches and die-cutting machines
Kim's Card Kits | Unforgettable Handmade Cards Made By You!

Kim's Card Kits is happy to bring you fabulous greeting card kits loaded with high quality materials that come ready for you to create your own beautiful handmade cards. Our cards are original designs & our kits contain full-color photos & instructions, blank cards, envelopes, pre-cut paper, and embellishments to create unique handmade cards. From beginner to advanced, these card kits are perfect for everyone!

Card Making Tip
Look at each punch or stamp or other tool you use in a different way. You never know what you can up with that will be out of the ordinary from the reason that tool was originally created. You can mix-and-match pieces of rub-ons to create a new scene, you can mask stamps to use only certain sections, and you can use punches for completely different objects (like using a bird's wing as leaf for a flower or piece of fruit). Nothing has to be used for the exact purpose it was created. I like to integrate these kinds of things in my designs to keep everything fresh and new.
D & P Craft Shop - Cardmaking and Papercraft Supplies

D & P Craft Shop is located in Horsham, West Sussex. Established in 1993, Pat & Sue have been offering a wide range of craft making and paper craft supplies. Many of the wonderful things you could find in their shop are now available online. This paper crafts supplier specializes in three dimensional pieces for all of your paper crafting and card making needs. They also carry a full line of doll house miniatures in their brick and mortar store.

Paper Crafting Tip
Dab a spot of glue stick on the back of 3-dimensional mounting pads to get more time to perfectly position your layers.