Collage & Decoupage

Collage & Decoupage

Get inspired as other collage and decoupage artists display their work and share their tips and techniques.

All the website owners have also included their favorite collage and decoupage crafty tips.

Looking for printable images for use with your collage and decoupage projects? Check out our Computer Art for Crafter category.
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Alison's 3D Decoupage & Frame Shop

Visit here for everything you need to create 3D cards or 3D framed pictures. Choose any of the prints listed on the site as a complete kit -includes the box frame, at very affordable prices. Have your own pictures, you can get virtually any size frame you want. Lots of stuff for card makers, prints, step by step. Accessories including - silicone glue, foam pads, glaze etc. PDF downloads including waterfall cards, backing papers and paper frames. If you are new to 3d and need help - email/phone

Thrifty Tip
Don't throw away the cut off's from your backing papers, use them to make matching small cards or gift tags, use the waste from peel off's to decorate them.
3D Framing

For all of your picture framing, where you can view your artwork online in a choice of frames and mounts.

Frame Care & Cleaning Tip
When cleaning the glass of a frame, be sure to use glass cleaner from a pump action bottle. Aerosols can cause static.
Papered Spaces

Papered Spaces showcases unique hand-decoupaged boxes, suitable for storing items from jewellery to stationery. Choose a one-off design, commission a custom piece or buy a kit so you can have a go yourself! With my wide range of designs, shapes and sizes, you're sure to find your perfect decoupaged box at Papered Spaces.

Selling Crafts Online Tip
If you create two handmade items that are similar, why not sell them as a pair for a discounted price or link their descriptions to each other? It'll increase your number of views and give buyers an idea of your scope as an artist!

This website is devoted to the art/craft of découpage. There are free instructions and advice for you to learn more about this fascinating and rewarding hobby. Learn how to decoupage on virtually any surface.

Découpage Tip
While découpage is a scissor-oriented craft and purists will tell you must cut out, it is OK to use paper punches, quilling strips and stickers to embellish your work. It is NOT advisable to use these for competition work because it is most often against the rules. Check the rules first. But as far as gifts or sale items are concerned, use them if you want.