Collage & Decoupage Blogs

Collage & Decoupage Blogs

Artisans share their joys and frustrations in their professional and personal blogs on the crafts of collage and decoupage.

All the blog owners have included their favorite collage and decoupage tips.

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Mod Podge Rocks

Mod Podge Rocks is like a mini-encyclopedia of great craft ideas using decoupage. Join Amy as she shares her own projects and scours the web for the work of others. You'll learn about Mod Podge and decoupage and will be thoroughly inspired to grab a jar or two of Mod Podge, a pair of scissors and decorate the nearest flat surface that you can find.

Decoupage Tip
When decoupaging onto a large surface with a single sheet of paper, such as wrapping paper, it helps to hold down bubbles if you spray the back of the paper with primer prior to decoupaging it onto the surface. Be sure to allow the primer to dry for at least 15 minutes first.

Take one happy newlywed, combine with a love of crafting and you have the fun and quirky crafting blog called Life in the Pitts. Lanie Ree shares her life, original decoupage projects (the cracked mirror idea was truly inspired!) and great projects she's found online. You can almost feel her energy through her posts and her sense of humor is on full display. This is one of those blogs where I betcha can't just read one post!

Crafting Tip
Need some artwork at a budget price? Find a cheap frame at the nearest clearance pile or the local thrift store, buy a pretty gift bag at the Dollar Store or other discount store and you have everything you need to make everyday or holiday framed art. Paint the frame and seal it with Mod Podge to add a polished look to your new art.