Craft Malls & Galleries

Craft Malls & Galleries

Around the corner or while on your next vacation, do stop and visit some of these wonderful shops. All showcase unique, handcrafted items by groups of local artisans. Schedule your next road trip around the great places listed here. Or choose one of the many online shops or galleries and shop from the convenience of your home.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips on making and selling craft items.

Dogwood Crafters

Nestled in the quaint small town of Dillsboro, NC; Dogwood Crafters is a crafting cooperative where over 80 artisans and their items are showcased. As you browse through each of the shop's themed rooms, no one artist is featured as all mediums and materials are displayed together by theme or color. Items are of the finest quality as all members of the co-op must be juried prior to participating. With strict residency requirements, shoppers are sure to find local items at some of the best prices to be found.

Craft Shopping Tip
Editor's Comment: I happened to find this shop one recent Saturday. This shop has only the finest quality of hand-made items. It is housed in what used to be several small cabins and the numerous windows and woodwork make it very inviting. The natural lighting allows visitors to see the high level of workmanship and materials used. The shop is 100% staffed by the members of the co-op who have items for sale. Prices were among the best we've seen; nothing was overpriced - we highly recommend that this shop should be added to your Christmas shopping list!

Dillsboro is a small town with several blocks of shops and restaurants. Located just up the road from Western Carolina University, Waynesville, about 1 1/5 hours from Biltmore House in Asheville, and maybe an hour from the Cashiers/Highlands/Sapphire Valley resort areas; be sure to add a visit to Dogwood Crafters and Dillsboro to your next trip.
GLC Arts and Crafts Mall

Online Craft Mall where artisans and crafters display their hand crafted gifts for sale in their individually owned and operated stores.

Using Gemstones Tip
Gemstone Meanings:

Amethyst: Transition
Black pearls: Strength
Coral: Knowing
Diamond: Faith, Love
Emerald: Directing
Opals/Gold: Completion
Pearls, silver: Intuition
Ruby: Acceptance
Sapphire: Serenity
Topaz: Releasing
Turquoise: Grounding, Healing
Sell Your Crafts for Free

Buy, sell and create hand-made, hand-crafted items. Daisy Craft was created by a crafter to help other crafters sell their items. We also have free craft tutorials and are always looking for more. Come grow with us at Daisy Craft.

Selling Crafts Online Tip
How can you increase your craft sales?

There are millions of crafts that are being sold online. You know best how your product is different from others offer. You want to make sure that you have a few items you're constantly making sure are done properly and done right.

1. Take your time and get the best photographs of your products. Try shooting in different lights, outdoors and be creative in the composition. Pictures are the window to your online store--- since consumers can't physically hold the items, they'll need to see as many details as they can in your pictures.

2. Provide free tutorials. This is an easy way to show others the quality and efforts you put into making the products that you sell. You don't have to give away all your business and creative secrets-- find a way to share a little bit of what you know. People will be so grateful and they'll come to you often to buy and learn.

3. Promos & Give-aways. Participate or organize your own give-aways and promotions to boost your online presence. There are some easy marketing tools that can help spread the word about your business during promotions. You should do about 4-6 promotions a year.

Connecting independent shops and shoppers in an affordable (for shops) and FUN (for shoppers) way! Each week we publish a collection of 9 items and host a $225 giveaway where the winner receives a $25 store credit to each of the 9 featured shops.
To enter the drawing, 10xNine members must choose their favorite item in the participating shops and enter the link in a comment. These comments provide traffic, exposure, and invaluable feedback to shop owners!

Selling Handmade Items Online Tip
Looking to sell your craft creations online? Excellent photographs are what make people click to learn more!
Show photos from multiple angles and close up as well as far away. Natural light - in the early morning - gives the best results. Include a photo of your item fulfilling it's purpose (a hat being worn, a purse being carried, an ornament on a tree).
Latter-day Crafters

We are selecting the best products from a wide variety of Small Businesses and Artisans who are very gifted and talented and also display great integrity. At Latter-day Crafters we know that there are numerous artisans and crafters who have produced beautiful work but don't have the time and or energy to market their products.

Crafting Tip
When opening a shop site, always take the time to complete the artist biography section. This is where you can tell prospective customers about yourself and your crafting background. It's the best place to describe in general terms how you make your items, the types of materials you use and your range of products.

Quicksales is an online auction and classifieds website that sells a wide range of craft supplies and equipment.

Thrifty Crafting Tip
Instead of throwing out old furniture, get crafty and refurbish it into something new.