Craft Projects for Children

Crafts for Kids

Whether you're a Girl Scout leader, an activities director or parent; you are always on the lookout for things to keep your little ones busy. has compiled a great list of free resources for crafty projects for children. Make room on the fridge, in the china closet or whatever showcase you display your children's creative expressions; with this group of great ideas there's bound to be something for everyone.

All the website owners have also included their favorite kids crafty tips.
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Please Note:We have noticed that a number of the great children's crafty sites listed here have changed since they were first added to Crafty Tips. Several are quite heavily laden with pop-ups. If you visit one of these sites and feel the ads being presented are not family friendly or make the site virtually unusable, please let us know.

Craft Projects for Children Sub-Categories

Teddy Bear & More Crafts for Kids

Billy Bear's Crafts shows you how to make several different Teddy Bears. You'll also find a listing of some of our other crafts located throughout our site. Site also has online puzzles and games and a wonderful assortment of activities for children.

Using the Internet Tip
Grab a chair and share the space with your child while they visit the world of the internet... play and learn together!
Crafts for Kids

The Kansas City Public Library has an outstanding collection of craft projects for children. Crafts for most holidays, pets, and that teach concepts and ideas. There's bound to be a project here that will keep your little ones entertained and their creative spirits inspired.

Crafting with Kids Tip
The Wallpaper Quilt Block project shown on the left would make a wonderful Mother's Day card. This project could also be made with scrapbooking paper, construction paper, or any other colored or patterned paper. It is also a great project to teach the relationship between squares, triangles and fractions.
DLTK's Crafts for Kids

A huge site full of great craft projects for children. All crafts on the site are tested by the site owner's two children. Projects are categorized as to type and/or materials and include suggested age groups. Along with numerous craft projects, the site has a large collection of printables, worksheets and puzzles.

Crafting with Kids Tip
Save those empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, they are a cheap and plentiful and are the basis for numerous children's craft projects.

A crafters haven of free craft patterns, step by step craft projects, recipe directory, crafting blog, prim & country graphics, printable craft graphics, and handmade gifts. We even have our own newsletter so you will never miss a thing.

Crafting with Kids Tip
Spending some quality time together is the unsurpassed way to convey to your child how much you like to be with them. The minutes you spend on a simple craft project together can provide memories to last a life time.
Kids Crafts and Printable Activities at

Website devoted to printable activities and fun crafts for kids. On the site you can find thousands of printable coloring pages, mazes, dot to dot, hidden pictures and word search puzzles. You will also find kids craft ideas for all occasions.

Styrofoam Tip
There are a million and one things you can make with just Styrofoam and pipe cleaners. By rolling and shaping different Styrofoam shapes, you can create the bodies of just about any animal and combined with pipe cleaners, you can make almost any creature. Don't be afraid to use some paint and other accessories to have fun.
Eggshell Mosaic is a wonderful site for parents to find arts and crafts activities for their young children. This is just one of the great craft projects available - a pretty mosaic made from colored eggshells. Using simple patterns, a hand drawn picture or a black and white printed picture, this activity makes a decorative wall hanging, or a pretty framed picture. This activity is appropriate for ages four and up with assistance.

Crafting with Eggshells Tip
As you collect your eggshells, remove the inner lining as completely as possible and rinse the shells thoroughly before drying. Also, leaving the shells in the dye for various lengths of time will yield pretty variations in color.

ToucanLearn is a learning program of crafts, games and other activities for kids from birth through to school. Sign up for free and register the names and ages of your kids. You are then presented with a list of activities aimed at your kid's capabilities. As time goes on, the activities change ensuring that they are always relevant. Every child also has a private blog space where parents can write up their memories and record milestones as they happen.

Finger Painting Tip
Toddlers and kids LOVE the texture of finger paints, but you may not have any in! Don't worry - you can have fun making your own edible finger paints! Just add food color to corn syrup or condensed milk and have your toddlers bring their pictures to life! Add chocolate strands and other cake decorations to add sparkle! Make hand and footprints of your kids as they grow bigger! Sounds messy? It is! Enjoy it!!
Creative Jewish Mom

A new source of inspiration for the busy mom, dedicated to discovering, developing, and nurturing the creative soul. A great resource for anyone who would like to enhance their life with creativity, or would like to teach children to see the world as artists!

Crafting with Kids Tip
Don't throw out the styrofoam trays used to hold ground meat and other frozen items, they are great for making original prints!
Cut the sides off of the tray, so you have a flat piece. Draw a design with a ball point pen, making sure that your pen makes an indentation in the styrofoam.
Apply ink or paint to your styrofoam with a brush or roller, place on paper, burnish and lift up to reveal your print!
Cool Kids Craft Ideas

Fun kids craft site with lots of holiday, learning and just for fun crafts. Each craft includes a picture of the completed project, step by step instructions and handy tips. Plus kids coloring pages, worksheets activities, games and more.

Crafting with Kids Tip
Kids crafts don't have to be expensive. Use paper plates, cardboard rolls and paper. Re-use plastic bottles, glass jars, cereal boxes and plastic tubs. While you are having fun making your craft, you are also helping the environment. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.
First Palette

First Palette is a wonderful website for children created by a teacher and craft enthusiast. Sue shares a variety of clever craft projects for children with step-by-step instructions and templates to print and cut out. Craft projects are sorted by age groups, theme and date posted.

Thrifty Tip
Don't throw away those bits of craft foam and construction paper. They can be used for other projects to create flowers, grass, eyes, noses and a virtually endless variety of things. Keep the scraps in a small box or plastic zip-lock bag to keep them all together, neat and available for crafting.