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To me, the best thing about crafting is how you can take a bunch of essentually raw materials and create something pretty to look at, humorous or even functional.

This section of Crafty Tips celebrates those crafters and their ability to create projects from essentially nothing. They are grouped in this category because they have so much creative energy that their websites discuss a variety of crafts and therefore don't really fit into one of the more topic specific crafting categories.

Here's where we showcase their clever crafting tips and introduce everyone to their websites.

Crafting Tips & General Crafts Sub-Categories

Craft Elf

Free Craft instructions, ideas and full size patterns, including kids crafts, Christmas & other holiday crafts. We also have a free hints and tips sections.

Hot Glue Tip
When using a hot glue gun - place a piece of foil under the gun to catch any glue that might drip out of the gun.
Q Branch Ltd.

Two married, award winning craft artists feature a variety of work including jewelry, woodturning, fiber and doll art,leatherwork, and photography. More than twenty five years of creating and selling fine craft. Perfect for self-indulgence and gift giving.

Craft Business Tip
When selling your craft whether on the Internet or at craft shows you need to always keep in mind that you are a business. You must follow whatever business requirements there are in your State, you must keep a proper set of accounting books, and you must follow business procedure in whatever you do relating to your sales. If you sell you are a business - it is no longer a hobby.
Greenwillow Crafts

A crafter for too many years to tell, I began by making gifts for family and friends. I enjoy many kinds of crafts and do cards and notecards, hand embroidered items and sewn creations as well as art photography. I love to be able to switch from one medium to another, and often I will use more than one in a particular craft. It's a joy to see something come together, and to know that someone else will receive joy and love from the items I make.

Glitter Tip
When using glitter of any kind, always use it over a clean sheet of white copy paper. The left over glitter will still be clean and can then be poured back in the bottle or container by folding the white paper and letting the glitter slide along the fold and into the bottle.
Arts Derbyshire

Want to get involved in Crafts in Derbyshire, UK? Visit Derbyshire's Arts Directory: artists, events, arts organisations, venues and information for artists and audiences.

Crafting on Vacation Tip
Why not try doing crafts when you're on vacation? It's a great way to learn more about the local culture, meet great people, and get involved in a new community.
Crafters Love Crafts

Learn how to make original arts & crafts for fun & profit. Whether you are new to crafts or have crafted all your life, you'll find what you need here. There are free craft projects for everyone.

Natural Crafts Tip
When crafting with natural materials that you collect outdoors, put them in a zipper type bag and place in the freezer for around 48 hours. This will dispose of all the critters before you use them in your projects.

I sell a range of things because I like to try many different crafts. Its worth a visit and keep checking back because I often have special offers.

Cake Decorating Tip
If you are decorating a cake, use plain flour instead of icing sugar when you handle the icing, it is much less sticky and just brushes off when you are done.
Wee Folk Art

A wonderful blog run by a mother and daughter team who share a group of even more wonderful free craft projects. Their projects are charming and cute and best of all, there's something for everyone with applique, knitting, sewing, felting and a variety of other types of crafts. They do tend to favor wee things made from felt and have projects that will appeal to both children and adults.

Crafting with Felt Tip
When working with layers of felt, your project will look more professionally made if you hide the "back side" of embroidered pieces between layers and only attach applique pieces to the layer immediately beneath it.
Hobbies and hobbies

A hobby blog to get free tips,ideas, reviews, resources, links for hobbies, interests, pastimes, recreation, entertainment, travel and leisure.

Crafting with Kids Tip
The best way to learn crafts and do-it-yourself project is to first try these crafts at home with your kids. You get more ideas or tips for recycling very common and cheap materials around your home as you are more involved in these activities. As a teacher of reception year classes I have learned to use very cheap materials and stationary supplies to make fun and creative things for kids. For example coloured construction thins paper sheets (bigger) are cut in small square pieces to make origami paper. (Origami paper sheets are a bit expensive). I start doing very easy origami projects with them and kids love to follow instructions. After finishing the projects kids take that simple origami toy home with them. Origami helps in find motor skill development. Look for more articles at my 'hobby' or 'learning' blog.
Coming Home with Alyice Edrich

This blog features a new craft tutorial once a month. Just click on a link in the sidebar to discover fun ways to use acrylic paints, paper products, and mixed media materials.

Design Inspiration Tip
Often times we see a fabulous craft created by someone else and we "wish" we could create like that. For some people, that wish becomes an intimidation that prevents them from ever picking up a craft.
It's important to remember that the artists and crafters we admire had to start at the beginning, too. They had to make ugly things before they could make beautiful things. They had to make simple things before they could delve into the more difficult crafts. And they had to let go of their fears or perfectionist tendencies before they could even begin.
It is important, for us as crafters, to step out of our comfort zones, and to try new things because it is the only way our skills can grow--and the only way we can find that one niche to call our own.
The Arts in The Dabbling Mum

An eMagazine dedicated to the arts: art book reviews, artist interviews, and art tutorials dedicated to creating art that heals. And if you explore the rest of the site, you'll discover how to improve your writing skills so you can submit your art tutorials to paying publications, or how to develop business skills so you can sell your art online.

Crafting Tip
Art and crafts projects can be very healing. As you create, you intuitively work through emotions--dark colors often reflect struggles while bright colors often reflect happier times, and successfully creating a difficult craft builds self-esteem. Then there's the added benefit of sharing the craft with others. Whether you hand deliver the craft to a friend in need, or share pictures with a tutorial online, there's nothing more healing or satisfying than creating with your hands--and your mind.