Whether soft and cuddly or placed upon a shelf to be admired, dolls have most likely made visits to everyone's home. Doll makers show off their creations and others offer the supplies and patterns needed to make your own.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips on doll making.

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Doll Artisan Guild

The Doll Artisan Guild (D.A.G.) is the largest member association in the world dedicated to support porcelain dollmaking. The Doll Artisan Guild's primary objective is to educate the porcelain dollmaker and to further the understanding of dollmaking techniques. The Doll Artisan Guild represents the most complete resource for information about porcelain dollmaking and techniques available anywhere in the world.

Porcelain Doll Making Tip
It is best to cast doll body parts in the same porcelain as the head. If you use a different slip for some parts, you might have problems with different shrinkage and in matching the colors. In general, limbs on DDP dolls should preferably be cast in porcelain. This way they may also be shaded and blushed to enhance the appearance of the doll.