Doll Makers

Doll Makers

Custom, unique and often one of a kind dolls are what these artisans sell. Invite a new friend into your home for your child to play with or to add to your collection.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips on the making and caring for dolls.
Make Dolls From Apples

Learn how to make Apple dolls, how to carve an apple head, sew clothes, and make a body.

Apple Dolls Tip
Drying apples in the summer may be difficult because of the humidity. You may want to wait till humidity has decreased or try using a food dehydrator. If you don't have a food dehydrator, try blowing a fan directly on the appleheads and/ or place heads in very low oven heat, 135 degrees or lower.

Lifelike dolls - Unique baby dolls made realistic by Uk based doll artist. Specialising in one of a kind newborn doll making.

Doll Making Tip
If weighting a doll's body, rather than using sand, a cheap and reliable option is to go down to a metal cleaning blast shop and ask for a sack of glass beads.
One-Of-A-Kind Collectible Art Dolls

One-of-a-kind collectible art dolls by award winning artist Tanya Abaimova. The online galleries include fairy dolls, mermaids, elves and other creatures as well as characters and 1/12 dollhouse scale miniatures. One-of-a-kind dolls make an excellent gift for loved ones and retain high value for collectors alike. Visit our galleries today

How to Ship Fragile Items Tip
Even fragile items like dolls can be successfully shipped. The key to ship an item like this is to use oversize boxes and plenty of cushion material. Make sure that the box the doll is shipped in provides at very least 5 inches of clearance between the furthest protruding member (watch for the fingers as the most fragile) and the side of the box. Fill the void with a soft packing material. Do not use loose packing "peanuts". Put them in a bag if you plan on using them.
Soft Dolls by Eva

Eva has been making stuffed animals and soft dolls for 30 years. Sadly she no longer makes her wonderful stuffed toys but she does still make lovely soft dolls. Visit her site to check out her handmade dolls and her new passion - restoring vintage dolls.

Sewing Fur Tip
When making an animal from fur make sure you only cut the backing and none of the fur. This is done by using very sharp scissors and only cutting little snips at a time.
Dollmaker's Delight

Dollmaker's Delight make beautiful reborn & OOAK dolls, all kinds of handmade doll clothing. We specialize in African American Dolls. Dollmaker's Delight offers reborn & cloth doll classes and a complete line of doll making supplies.

Sewing from Patterns Tip
When making cloth dolls, trace the pattern onto freeze paper. Iron the freeze paper directly onto fabric. It's a quick and easy way and saves time.
Cynthias Primitives

Unique collection of rag dolls country folk art primitive dolls, black dolls and raggedies.

Doll Care Tip
Managing your Rag Dolls:

To keep them as new as possible and in good condition and so after some time they don't have a wobbly head, always grab them by their chest never by there heads or neck. If you grab them by their head or neck this will start to loosen the strength of the neck given by the polyfil and fabric. If you grab them by their chest, their head or neck won't suffer and your dolls will be in great condition for years to come.
away with the fairies

Beautiful Fairies,Angels and mermaids all lovingly handcrafted in Ireland. Quirky and fun website.

Thrifty Tip
We try to use recycled materials (eg second hand Indian saris) for our textile work, not only is it more friendly but also cheaper!
Asian Dolls

Doll N'asian offers handmade cloth dolls dressed in their native Asian dresses.

Doll Collecting Tip
Cloth dolls should be always be shown in closed glass display case and if possible on a doll stand. The closed glass display case will keep dolls looking new by keeping your doll safe from fluctuations in temperatures and direct sunlight.
sweater eyes

Vin Vanderhaeghe is one of those artistic and talented folks who likes working on all sorts of different things. One of her current fascinations is art dolls and sculpting. Her original pieces run the gamut from a plush Indian princess to vampires to a doll inspired by Parasite Eve.

Crafting Tip
Eco-felt is cheap, easy to work with.. the problem? It looks like cheap felt. Solution? Boil the felt for 10 minutes, carefully take the felt out and roll it into a tight tube (to get the water out a bit), then lay it flat to air dry. Result: felt that is thicker and softer.