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Drawing & Painting Tips from friends of Crafty Tips

To transfer a text or an intricately detailed (small) image onto a canvas using a 'carbon-copy' method:

  1. Trace the image onto tracing paper.
  2. Turn the tracing paper over and 'scribble' over the image's outline on the reverse (so that there is lead covering the outline - it doesn't matter if it goes over the outline's edges).
  3. Place the paper, the right way up, onto the canvas and draw over the outline again, applying pressure but not to tear the paper - maybe use a biro pen. Your image will then be transferred onto the canvas surface, clearly and easy to paint.

Painting with Primary Colors

One of the most important things in making an attractive painting is to remember that color can really speak to the eye of the beholder. It is always attractive no matter where you add it into a painting. Do not be shy about the primary colors- red, yellow and blue. They can all be added if you are trying to make a dynamic painting. Remember, if you add a color some where on the canvas, you need to add it at least one more time in another place to keep the balance.

Drawing & Painting Sub-Categories

Abstract Artist - Van Renselar

Buy original abstract art and limited edition prints by up-and-coming abstract artist Van Renselar. Artworks created for home interiors and corporate spaces. Commissions undertaken.

Art History Tip
In 1829, the first photograph was produced. From the mid to late 19th century, photographic processes improved and, as it became more widespread, painting lost much of its historic purpose to provide an accurate record of the observable world. There began a series of art movements through Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Abstractism, Expressionism, Cubism and Dadaism.
Anita's Arts Craft Supplies

Providing Tools for Creativity. Many Donna Dewberry One Stroke Kits and Supplies.

Painting Tip
When painting small objects such as acorns (which make wonderful tiny Jack-o-Lanterns), stick a strip of double sided tape onto a piece of cardboard. Then stick the objects to the tape. Holding onto the cardboard and painting the objects is much easier than trying to hold tiny things in your fingers.
Art by Anima

Original oil pastel paintings and limited edition giclee prints of exotic women in fantasy settings. My goal is to make the woman look like someone not from this world - a serene and mysterious person who lives apart from the mundane activities and anxieties we face today.

Shipping Pastel Paintings Tip
If you need to move, transport or protect an unframed oil pastel painting, consider wrapping it up in wax paper. This will prevent smearing and smudging. The wax paper will not stick to the oil pastel.
ArtgirlX mixed media paintings

Mixed media oil paintings using my original photographs and ephemera! Currently have a series of house shaped paintings which deal with the transience of life, very unique and affordably priced.

Image Transfer Tip
Images can be transferred to canvas and board in a variety of ways. I like to use acrylic medium brushed on to the front of the photocopied image. Once the medium is dry, rub the back of the image with a wet cloth until all the paper is removed and only the image remains. I then apply a thin layer of water based varnish on to the image to make it clearer.
Arteriors Faux Finishes

Premier faux painting company creates artful faux finishes, decorative paint finishes and murals for residential or commercial settings. The web site contains many examples of faux finish techniques and mural motifs. Editor's Note: The picture that accompanies this listing comes from one of the residential murals Arteriors has done. Their mural styles and level of detail are hard to reduce to such a small size and anyone interested in having a residential or commercial mural painted should really check out their website to fully appreciate their talent.

Faux Finishing Tip
Some faux finishers insist that oil paint is the only way to go, but I beg to differ. I am an experienced faux finisher with over 20 years of professional service under my belt and have never used oil paints. What's the secret? Dilute the paint, work in layers and apply small sections at a time.
Handcrafted wooden art gifts

Our handcrafted Khokhloma souvenirs using genuine method golden painting on wood. We present vases, caskets, mazers, tankards, different collections and tableware. Every work of art of our craftsmen has a unique identity. We suggest Paleh and Mstera lacquered miniatures with handmade painting also.

Editor's Note: The term 'casket' appears to refer to boxes; like the one shown to the left. This site is available in both English and Russian.

Crafting Tip
You can use wood tableware at your kitchen. Such wares are not sensory to hot water or food acids.
KriKo Art Gallery

Kriko Art Gallery showcases the works of the best Russian artists. Our gallery is a network portal for collectors, connoisseurs, professionals and all lovers of art.

Crafting Tip
Art always deals with Heart
Original Watercolor Art by Judy Huang

Watercolor art by Judy Huang of landscapes, florals, pets, still life, houses, and portraits. I do commissioned works of portraits, houses, and pets in watercolors or in colored pencil drawings. Learn more about my art through a watercolor lesson and tutorial on my site. Original watercolor art is sold with a frame or without.

Watercolor Painting Tip
Keep a piece of paper towel or cloth handy. When there is too much water of the paint on the paper, use the paper towel to soak the excess off
Wet Canvas

With over 4,000 new posts a day, Wet Canvas is perhaps the largest and most active art forum on the Internet. Share ideas with other artists or spend hours reading the many articles, either way visual artists at all levels are bound to return again and again to this huge resource for artists.

Acrylic Painting Tip
Beginning acrylic painters can save some money as they learn their craft by purchasing student-grade paints. However, do not confuse craft acrylics with true student-grade paints as they are formulated in very different ways and will not prepare you for working with high quality professional-grade acrylic paint.
Schin Fantasy Illustration

Do you like color? I sure do. My work is full of glorious colors featuring fantasy and Asian themes, all in frame ready sizes. All prints are signed and will come with a freebie, and is ready to be mailed every business day.

Watercolor Painting Tip
When using watercolor, it is important to change and clean the water container frequently! Even the tiniest tinge of color in the water can affect the painting. Fresh water will ensure the brightest unmuddied colors in your work.