Drawing & Painting Tutorials

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Drawing & Painting Tutorials

Learn to draw and paint from talented artists and their websites. The websites listed here are dedicated to sharing the tips and techniques that they use when creating their own art. Learn from their triumphs and mistakes to become an even better artist than you already are.

All the website owners have also included their favorite drawing and painting tips.
All About Drawings

Easy pencil drawings to copy plus outlines for a simple way to create and design drawings. Be inspired to draw and see how easy it really is.

Drawing Tip
Make your own greeting cards and show off your new artistic skills by drawing the cover feature.
Learning to Draw Buildings Made Simple

Free architectural drawing lessons can be found on this easy to understand tutorial website. Jim Stilwell has been professionally drawing buildings since 1978 and believes that there is an artist in everyone. With a bit of humor and instructions that don't require an art degree to understand, Jim can teach even those of us who can't draw a straight line how to draw beautiful drawings of buildings.

Drawing & Painting Tip
Ever wonder why artists hold their brushes in the air as if measuring their subject? To measure their subject of course. Using a pencil or brush to measure lengths on a photograph or real life subject will help insure you maintain proportionality between the various aspects of your artwork.
How to Draw Cartoons Online

With step by step instructions, How to Draw Cartoons Online will have you drawing cartoon or clip-art style pictures in no time. This site is owned by Jeff Scarterfield and you will find his love of drawing and spirit infectious enough to make you grab for a pencil and give these wonderful cartoon drawing tutorials a try.

Drawing Faces Tip
After sketching out a framework, the first feature that should be added to any drawing of a living thing is the eyes. Whether you are drawing a fantasy image, a cartoon character or an animal drawing the eyes first will help establish the life and character of your drawing.
How to Draw It

Simple step by step instructions for how to draw over 50 animals, plus advanced drawing and painting instruction. For ages three to 103.

Drawing Tip
Try to see what you are drawing as if it was flat, as if the shadows were just dark patches and the highlights just light spots. The image you are creating is flat, and copying "flat to flat" instead of "3d to flat" is easier.
Also try putting a "frame" around your drawing. This helps you measure the distances between things in your drawing and will keep each part of it the right size compared to the other parts.

Free online art lessons including guest art tutorials in a large variety of mediums including: graphite, oils, watercolors, charcoal, acrylics and ink. The free art lessons on this site also include guest art tutorials and video tutorials on commercial art. Whether you are a beginning artist or a talented commissioned artist this site offers great inspiration and art educational materials.

Pencil Drawing Tip
When drawing with pencils, NEVER use your finger to smooth shaded areas. ALWAYS use something dry like cotton wool because your fingers, no matter how clean they are, will transfer some natural oils to your work which can stain your work.


A wonderfully informative website that shares and honors the work and ideas of Sr. Lucia Wiley (1902-1998), a WPA muralist and painter. She explains how to create frescos and shares many of the techniques she learned throughout her long career as a fresco artist.

Fresco Painting Tip
If you need to touch up your fresco, wait at least four weeks to allow that section of the fresco to completely dry first.