Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Immortalize your favorite friend forever with a professional pet portrait. The portrait artists listed here use a variety of materials and techniques and there's sure to be one that would be the perfect choice to turn your pet's photo into a work of art.

All the website owners have also included their favorite pet portraiture tips.
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Julies Pet Portraits

Beautiful Pet Portraits - UK artist Julie Palmer creates paintings from photos of your dog, pet or loved one in pastel or oils. Working from photographs, portraits can be commissioned no matter what the distance.

Shipping Pastel Paintings Tip
If you're ordering a pastel portrait, make sure it's framed behind glass as soon as possible to avoid smudging. I suggest not using fixative spray as this discolours the pastel. :- Pet Portraits from your photos

Pet portraits and affordable pet drawings by Australian animal artist Rotty. specializes in custom pet art, animal art, original pet gifts and dog and cat drawings from your photos. Australian wildlife drawings, including my emu friend, can also be found in my portfolio.

Photography Lighting Tip
When photographing pets the lighting and focus are the two most important things. Firstly use natural light, avoid using a flash at all costs, not only for the "red eye" effect but it also often scares your pet. Second, take a close up shot, using a sharp crisp focus.
Tracy Martin Wildlife Artist

Tracy Martin is a wildlife artist based near Maidstone in Kent, specialising in oil paintings of wild animals, local wildlife and pet portraits.

Painting Pet Portraits Tip
When painting a pet portrait it is important to get a feeling for the personality of the animal in question. By meeting the animal yourself and taking your own photographs as well as looking at those provided by the owners you will be able to produce a more realistic and characterful portrait of a pet.
Pet Portrait Artist Penny Richardson

I am a pet portrait artist in the UK specializing in paintings of dogs, cats, horses, domestic animals and people portraiture. I am also a landscape and architectural painter. I accept commissions from anywhere in the UK and abroad as I usually work from photographs.

Photography Lighting Tip
To get a good photograph of your pet it is best to take your photographs outside in the natural daylight. Try not to take your photo’s in direct sunlight. On a sunny day take the picture with the sun behind you and get the subject in the shade.
Pet Portraits by Amy Fishenden

UK animal artist Amy Fishenden specializes in fine pet portraits in pencil. Amy possesses a natural talent that is further enhanced with an Honours degree in Fine Art at Oxford. She recreates even the finest details like whiskers and individual hairs almost as if by magic with a palette of 120 colors. She accepts orders worldwide.

Drawing Tip
When working in soft mediums such as pencil or pastil always start the drawing in the top left corner to avoid you hand smudging over work you have already done, if you are left handed then work from the right.