Art Blogs

Art Blogs

Artists share their joys and frustrations in their professional and personal blogs on drawing and painting. Explore new techniques, product reviews and the creative process with these talented artists and be inspired to new heights of creativity in your own work after visiting their art blogs.

All the blog owners have included their favorite drawing and painting tips.
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Woolgathering is the art blog of the talented artist Elizabeth Perry. Every day brings a new watercolor sketch to enjoy and discuss with the artist. Her work is inspired by the world around her and includes sketches of hair clippings, a single white sock, remains of tea, an apple and just about anything you could think of.

Drawing Tip
Drawing a single item on the page can be made even more interesting by drawing it along the edge of the paper and only including part of the item. It creates a bit of mystery and allows the white space to become part of the work.

She does a number of arts and crafts, but Geninne's true passion is watercolor. And her favorite subjects are animals with a focus on birds. Whether based on species found in the wild or in the wilds of Geninne's imagination, her bird paintings are colorful and worthy of any home. Be sure to check out her newest paintings, enjoy her wonderful nature photography or the other clever and crafty things she makes.

Art Tip
Create your own unique wrapping paper by using a handmade stamp. I like using brown Kraft paper and white ink. To add more visual interest, don't stamp in straight lines or with all of the stamps facing the same direction.