Flower arranging, using dried and silk flowers to adorn items, and floral supplies are just some of the great things to be found here.

All the website owners have also included their favorite tips on crafting with flowers.
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Pressed Flowers by Preserved Gardens

Features pressed flowers, leaves, and other natural materials. Includes pressing tips, project ideas and instructions, and photos.

Pressing Flowers Tip
To ensure the best possible colors in your pressed flowers and leaves, always pick them when they are at their freshest and arrange them in your flower press right away.

When you take the pressed flowers and leaves out of the press, store them in an air-tight container with a little desiccant, such as silica gel, until ready to use in a project.
St Jude's Unique Handmade Paper Flowers

Unique handmade paper flowers for weddings,parties and other functions. Everything is custom made to customer specifications. We have paper roses,paper carnations, orchids and many other flowers. No more worries about unopened blooms or wilting with handmade flowers from St. Jude's!

Craft Room Tip
Keep all your craft tools organized by putting them in clear plastic containers or even Ziplock bags! I do not throw away the plastic zipped cover that a comforter/blanket/socks comes in.They are very useful as craft accessory containers as they are 'see through'. Saves me LOTS of time when rummaging for that elusive scissors

Run your scissors on aluminum foil paper and they sharpen well.

Buy big on sales - saves lots of money.use your coupons of course.
Drying Flowers and Foliage for Arrangements

A member of the University of Missouri Extension Program has provided a very informative publication on the drying of flowers. Included is a list of which plants are most suitable for air drying, pressing, drying using a desiccant and for glycerinizing.

Drying Flowers Tip
When drying flowers that are more prone to dropping petals, add a drop of clear glue to secure them to the base of the flower.
Drying Flowers

Informative article from an Extension Floriculture Specialist at Clemson University including the various methods of drying flowers and leaves. Information includes suggested plants for each method and in some cases includes the pitfalls of a particular method. Even includes tips on water drying.

Drying Flowers Tip
When air drying flowers, place them in a dark place. The darkness will help preserve the original color of the flowers.
Flower Cove

Flower Cove is the place to find all sorts of handcrafted items to do with flowers and hair accessories.
There are single flower stems, flower bouquets, hair clips and barrettes, hair vines, and more. The flowers are made from beads, fabric, or paper. There is beadweaving, French beading, Victorian beading, folded fabric flowers, and ribbon flowers, to name a few. Custom orders are welcome.
Everything in Flower Cove is entirely handcrafted by Jenny Lawson in Australia

Floral Arranging Tip
When wrapping stems with floral tape, don't forget to stretch the first section of tape when you start. Then stretch as you wrap at an angle.