Fulling & Felting

Fulling & Felting

Fulling and felting are techniques used to turn natural fibers into fabric and other creations.

Fulling is when natural fibers are first woven and then shrunk to create a tighter weave of fabric. Traditional felting uses needles with sharp edges to cause the fibers to meld together and is often used to create small stuffed animals and figurines. These artisans offer their techniques and free patterns to help get you started. Don't miss their finished items for sale - you will be amazed at what these folks create.

All the website owners have also included their favorite fulling and needlefelting tips.
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Alpaca Fiber Art

Discover what you can make with luxurious alpaca fleece. Hand felting instructions and projects. Needle felting 3 D characters.

Fulling & Felting Tip
If you have a thin spot in your felt, use a felting needle to fill in with dry fleece. Wet felt the area and you will never be able to tell that the fleece was added.

Needle felted flower pins to embellish hats, scarves sweaters and jackets. Little needle felted animals to hold and display. Pins are often embellished with beads and fun fur.

Looking for wall art? Be sure to visit my Art pages where you find my needlefelted paintings

Needle Felting Tip
Needle felting can be done on many surfaces, not just on wool with wool. I have needle felted on canvas, denim and silk (yes, silk!) Protect your needles by keeping them in small drink stirrers.
Red Suede Kitten

Red Suede Kitten makes original handcrafted felt jewelry. Each piece is made by hand in Melbourne Australia. The range includes felt cloud brooches and necklaces.

Felting Tip
Felting can be a great physical outlet for your creative energy. It can be therapeutic to felt outdoors in summer in the fresh air. Also, any water you splash around doesn't create a mess as it can indoors.
Felting Lessons

My website is devoted to felting, with free step by step instructional videos on how do wet felt. All of the felting videos are free. Find inspiration with my project gallery and inspiration pages.

Wet Felting Tip
When laying out fibers for a wet felting project, use a high powered flashlight to look down into the layers. Seeing thin spots is much easier this way!
Created and Felted By Claire Louise

Beautifully sculptural and tactile in form, Claire Fairall designs and makes original felt bags.
Claire has developed an innovative fusion of knitting and felting techniques in order to create her felt bags and pouches.
Her kits are an ideal introduction to the art of knitting and felting. Claire regularly develops new knit felt patterns which cover a range of abilities.

Felting Tip
To produce a good felt for a knitted project with no visible stitches showing try using multiple strands of a 3 or 4ply yarn. This will knit up just the same as a thick yarn but should give much better results.
Karen Rao - Felt Artist

UK feltmaker creating unique wall hangings inspired by the sea. Karen's individual method of feltmaking results in tactile and dramatic seascapes, rich in texture and depth. Karen's felt art is either freehanging or canvas mounted. These look stunning as stand alone pieces or as a dynamic set of contrasting colours.

Needle Felting Tip
After you have created your piece of felt art, add more fibres by needle felting to produce greater definition and drama.
Felt accessories by Ilze

I present to you my Etsy shop where I offer handmade felt and crochet accessories. You will find felt flower brooches, felt iphone cases, hair accessories and other crafts made from felt, yarns and other materials. I always like to experiment and make something new. I am inspired by colors, nature, flowers, sometimes even from shadows and my own mood. I make each piece with love and patience because I enjoy what I'm doing and I hope others also will enjoy results of my work!

Crafting Tip
Don't throw away felt pieces that are left over after wet or needle felting. You can gather left overs, roll them in to a ball and, if needed, cover with wool fibers in same or different color. Then make a felt bead using your regular felt bead making technique. Only be careful not to break felting needle, because felt from wet felting is more dense.
Wolfwalker Studio

One of kind needle felted sculptures created from Fibers raised here at Skyewolf farm. Including angora rabbit, alpaca and wool. We have characters, animals and a special series of collector bookmarkers. We have hats, scarves also felted goat's milk soap. Custom orders are welcome.

Crafting Tip
Everyone has a talent you just need the inspiration. Sometimes it's a friend like my fourlegged ones here on our farm page. Perhaps they can help you find yours

Julie Smith is doing wonders with Australian wool fibers and hand-painted silk and chiffon fabrics. Her fashion scarves and textile jewelry showcase the beauty of the individual fibers but it is the way she combines them together that turns them into wearable art. Whether you're the kind of gal who wears leather or lace, you will find something in her Etsy shop that matches your personal style.

Crafting Tip
A great way of storing small amounts of different coloured wool roving or silk that takes up little space and is easily sorted and quick to find is to use a plastic shoe holder rack. Hang it on the wall and use the pockets to store your wool.
Free Spirit Felts

An online resourse for all your needle felting supply needs including, Norwegian C1, Merino Roving, Merino Prefelts, Needles, felting pads and so much more. Terri is a doll artist with a love of felting that comes through in her created art, instructional kits and her choice of needle felting supplies. She is also available to teach classes in person or online.

Needle Felting Tip
To form a basic egg shape you tear off 4-5 piece of palm size core wool and roll them very tightly into an egg shape and use your felting needles to felt the egg all over until it is firmly felted. Make sure one end is smaller than the other. You can use this to decorate for Easter, or as one of several components in doll making.